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Фото "graduation reflections"

фото "graduation reflections" метки: макро и крупный план,
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graduation reflections
I wanted to photograph my wife Lyla in a unique and memorable way. So brainstormed and come up with a unique techique. I got a portrait of her done by a pro . Then I placed a window screen about 12 inches over the portrait then sprayed water droplets on to screen. I then took an extreme close up using the reverse lens. I had all sorts of problems getting this result from water droplets popping. It was very frustating to focus as depth of feild was so razor thin. Also finding a screen where the wire was not extremely crooked. This image has earnet me the most money and garners a lot of attention. f22@8seconds 25asa slides.I f you look closely at this image you will notice Lylas face in the background upside down. Also many different focal lenghts of her face in droplets. 
чт 18 янв 2001 12:00
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Steve Bingham Steve Bingham #2 сб 20 янв 2001 23:04

So different. Excellent idea and execution.

Greg Summers Greg Summers #3 вс 21 янв 2001 05:52

What an incredible image - no wonder it has made you lots of mone.

Дмитрий Тарасов Дмитрий Тарасов #5 пт 26 янв 2001 13:38

Отличная мысль! Мне нравятся подобные решения.
Excellent idea! I like the similar decisions.

Madzia Madzia #6 вс 26 дек 2004 13:25

Lovely,excellent composition улыбаюсь

glen gaffney glen gaffney #7 вс 1 май 2005 20:29

this was photo of the week on www.photo.net