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Фото "Black & Wet"

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Black & Wet
landless camping 
вт 1 июн 2004 02:29
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M. Siergiejewicz M. Siergiejewicz #1 вт 1 июн 2004 03:21

interesting place улыбаюсь
good b&w photo !

Michael McCann Michael McCann #2 вт 1 июн 2004 03:28

Sad image. Well done!

Михаил Богачев Михаил Богачев #3 вт 1 июн 2004 03:50

Nice b/w image!

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #4 вт 1 июн 2004 04:02

Nice light. Acampamento de sem-terra?

Andre Andre #5 вт 1 июн 2004 08:57

Boa foto Rodolfo, cheia de significado!

Grande abraco


Иван И Иван И #6 вт 1 июн 2004 09:37

Good photo!

Dmitriy Boyko Dmitriy Boyko #7 вт 1 июн 2004 09:46

Nice Place and Good B/W Stile Photo!!!!

a sd a sd #8 вт 1 июн 2004 15:00

Wonderful BW capture!
Bom trabalho Rodolfo!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #9 ср 2 июн 2004 00:44

Uma foto com alma sentida...
Excellent B&W perspective regards:)

d e a n d e a n #10 ср 2 июн 2004 15:02

Since I am coming from a war torn country Rodolfo, honestly, it is hard for me to separate camping from living as a refugee, or living in a devastated city under the siege.
As you most likely know, my hometown Sarajevo was besieged for nearly 3 years . I was there to witness and live ithrough it.
Your picture has touched me once again, perhaps in a way you did not expect. In part because it reminds me of the past, in part just because it is very expressive, just like all of your other work...

P.S. I guess now you understand why I don`t like camping:)

Great picture once more....

best regards


Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #11 сб 5 июн 2004 09:00

Excellent register!!!!!
Well captured, dear friend!

Zeca Zeca #12 сб 5 июн 2004 21:08

Strange mood, but well capture...


Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #13 вт 8 июн 2004 12:55

looks sad..
great journalism...!

and thanks for your comments on my works!