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Фото "Без названия"

фото "Без названия" метки: архитектура, путешествия, пейзаж, Европа
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Без названия
These are the columns that used to hold the temple of Diana, in Evora, up. These are NOT aluminium pipes.
This is not as abstrat as Colin Powell`s irakian mass destruction weapons` photographs but I was trying! :-))
Please leave your comment, especially, if you do not like it some reason or another. 
ср 2 июн 2004 07:40
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Сергей Минченко Сергей Минченко #1 пт 4 июн 2004 11:20

Interesting comment, but nothing more. White sky, dark rock shadows. If I wonna to shot the same columns I would wait for spectacular clouds, good light (morning/evening) and put more efferts to show people real history.

Rui Duarte Rui Duarte #2 пт 4 июн 2004 13:01

I wasn`t shooting the sky. I like to focus on my subject and squeeze the contrast even when loss of detail follows. The focus is on the form of columns that remain straigt to the eye (and a camera without perspective control) although they have to be built in order to correct perspective.

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #3 пт 4 июн 2004 22:30

Very good perspectibe and conyrasy, regards.