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Фото "Versus"

фото "Versus" метки: абстракция, портрет,
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This one was taken with colour film but digital wonders allowed me to make a grey scale picture out of it. 
чт 3 июн 2004 13:05
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Сергей Минченко Сергей Минченко #1 пт 4 июн 2004 11:23

What is your point? What do you want to say this photo with so bad quality?

Rui Duarte Rui Duarte #2 пт 4 июн 2004 12:55

The photo is of «Cristo Rei», a figure of Jesus Crist who is embracing, in this case, Lisbon. However, for him to be benevolantly embracing Lisbon and his inhabitants he his deliberately turning his back on a part of the country and on the people who live on the side opposite the «emracemen». Thus the name of the photo: «Versus», as in the other side, the alternative way of looking at it.
The usual way «Cristo Rei» is show is facing his him from a far (wich enhances the position of the statue embracing and wellcoming) on a sunny day with a clear blue sky. The photo shows a Cristo Rei turning his back on YOU, a black silouette against a late afternoon cloudy grey sky letting You know YOU`RE OUT.
The ideia to show EXCLUSION.

Please define quality?

Francisco Campos Francisco Campos #3 пт 4 июн 2004 18:32

I think there is a lack of quality that is astonishing. But probably is the scanner. ):

Rui Duarte Rui Duarte #4 пт 4 июн 2004 23:25

The scanner helps so does the dust but the BAD quality is inherent.
Please define quality?
There are different qualities and they have names (composition, perspective, contrast, definition, resolution, ect..). The fact that I used very few grey tones is on purpose. I could have produced the same contrast with more latitude (perhaps the quality whose absence is so chocking) but the result would emphasize the shadows on the statue. That is not my picture.

Marika Marika #5 вс 6 июн 2004 03:29

You know, Rui! I like Your quality in this picture, it reminds me images of war! Great!