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Фото "Caran d`Ache"

фото "Caran d`Ache" метки: архитектура, пейзаж,
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Caran d`Ache
House - like book, wall is a paper... 
чт 17 июн 2004 00:26
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Joana Ferreira Joana Ferreira #1 чт 17 июн 2004 00:49

Very original! It`s great.

Nice work улыбаюсь


Marika Marika #2 чт 17 июн 2004 01:42

Funny! But what do the number mean?

Saakit ... Saakit ... #3 чт 17 июн 2004 01:53

cryptic to myself...

Алексей Земский Алексей Земский #4 чт 17 июн 2004 14:34

Very original work! Perfectly!

Ирина Опачевская Ирина Опачевская #5 чт 17 июн 2004 15:08

original pencil

Saakit ... Saakit ... #6 пн 21 июн 2004 00:40

The name CARAN d`ACHE is rooted in the annals of art history. When Arnold Schweitzer founded the company in 1924, he named it after a famous French caricaturist of the Belle Йpoque, Emmanuel Poirй (1859-1909), whose work he admired.
Poirй was born in Moscow the grandson of an officer in Napoleon`s Grande Armйe. While his first creations glorified the Napoleonic era, he later went on to create "stories without words". A contributor to newspapers like "Lundi du Figaro", he is sometimes hailed as one of the fathers of comics. He signed his works Caran d`Ache, a French transliteration of the Russian word for pencil "karandash". A slightly modified replica of his signature became the company`s brand logo for colour products.
1929 was a landmark year for the company, when it achieved a stunning international breakthrough with the Fixpencil, the world`s first all-metal mechanical clutch pencil. A bestselling product ever since, the Fixpencil first gave Caran d`Ache an opportunity to launch a line of writing instruments in gold and silver, tastefully engraved by hand.