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Фото "Knot"

фото "Knot" метки: абстракция, черно-белые,
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There a steel monument to peace (all rusty) at "peace park" in Almada which is a bit large. Underneath it it`s possible to see different shapes under the sky... 
чт 17 июн 2004 22:40
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Arvid Klokk Arvid Klokk #1 чт 17 июн 2004 22:55

Beautful composition and tones!!!!

Francisco Duarte Francisco Duarte #5 пт 18 июн 2004 01:19

Thank you arvid!

Наталия Нурланд Наталия Нурланд #2 чт 17 июн 2004 23:14

great picture!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #3 чт 17 июн 2004 23:22

I Like it...excellent graphic lines Francisco!!

Francisco Duarte Francisco Duarte #7 пт 18 июн 2004 01:21

Obrigado Fernando!

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #4 чт 17 июн 2004 23:50

Beautiful abstract. Mas o negativo esta com muita sujeira. Eu troquei o Ilford pelo T-Max por causa disto, o negativo fica muito arranhado na revelacao.

Francisco Duarte Francisco Duarte #9 пт 18 июн 2004 01:33

Thank you Regina. Yes the photo is filthy with dust but don`t blame it on the film, it was my fault... When I developed this roll I didn`t take the necessary time (I had to get some sleep and was in a hurry to get this done...) so I opened the window while the film was drying and dust impregnated the negatives, I only noticed it when made the prints. I have in the past "worked on" the emulsion, scratching it on purpose but in this case it was only dust... Maybe in the weekend I`ll wash the negatives again. I have to be more conscious about quality of my presentations.

Francisco Duarte Francisco Duarte #11 пт 18 июн 2004 01:36

By the way, not all specks you see is dust, the surface of the monument is very far from being in good condition.

a sd a sd #8 пт 18 июн 2004 01:21

Excellent capture!
Belissimo grafismo Francisco!

Francisco Duarte Francisco Duarte #10 пт 18 июн 2004 01:34

Obrigado antonio!

Chuck Freeman Chuck Freeman #12 пт 18 июн 2004 02:45

This is a good abstract photo. Has impact.. Thanks for comments on my work

luquesio melo luquesio melo #13 пт 18 июн 2004 03:08

Great capture, Francisco! E um excelente abstracto. Um abraco.

Arturo Mejia Dominguez Arturo Mejia Dominguez #14 пт 18 июн 2004 08:36

Well, perfect mixed, forms and shadows...

Looks like a abstract paint.


just me just me #15 пт 18 июн 2004 10:06

Nice composition!

Andre Andre #16 пт 18 июн 2004 12:10

Bom grafismo Francisco, quanto a apresentacao, ja falei nisso e olhe que a malta ca do burgo, gosta de uma imagem nao so bem composta mas tambem bem apresentada:)).