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Фото "Real world"

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Real world
Some people can`t support the real world and their lives finish like this one, sometimes they thought that the life is a carnival... sweepings. Just lies believed 
пт 18 июн 2004 17:44
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just me just me #1 пт 18 июн 2004 17:47

Sad photo...

a sd a sd #2 пт 18 июн 2004 19:18

This is such a dramatic picture Arturo...
Thank you for sharing and to remember us about this terrible reality!

Margarita Dittborn Margarita Dittborn #3 пт 18 июн 2004 20:30

My love, independently of the sad thing of the scene, the framing is good... i like too much the pic...
I like your pictures...I love you...


Cristi Matei Cristi Matei #4 пт 18 июн 2004 21:06

Interesting framing.

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #5 пт 18 июн 2004 23:24

Strong shot with excellent crop.

miguel miguel #6 пт 18 июн 2004 23:33

Good journalism stuff. Just wish his face was entirely in the frame.

Arturo Mejia Dominguez Arturo Mejia Dominguez #11 сб 19 июн 2004 06:33

I like the fact that i don`t show the poor manґs face... it shows mercifulness, and it adds a touch of universality to the picture. it could be thousands of people who live in absolute misery here in Mйxico... or anywhere in the world.

Zeca Zeca #7 сб 19 июн 2004 02:30



Francisco Duarte Francisco Duarte #8 сб 19 июн 2004 03:11

Textures add power to the photograph. Intense perspective.

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #9 сб 19 июн 2004 05:35

Impressive image Arturo!!

Олег Ковалёв Олег Ковалёв #10 сб 19 июн 2004 05:55

Such everywhere, and see not colorful.

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #12 сб 19 июн 2004 06:39

Excellent crop!!!
Great shot!

John Doe John Doe #13 сб 19 июн 2004 10:22

Real picture of real world. Excellent documentary work.

Jaak BELLEN Jaak BELLEN #14 сб 19 июн 2004 16:52

A good photo showing the negative side. Sad to see that this is still possible these days.

Brites dos Santos Brites dos Santos #15 сб 19 июн 2004 19:58

Well captured.