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Фото "Platinum ahead of Gold"

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Platinum ahead of Gold
Available Light. converted to B&W then manipulated 
чт 24 июн 2004 01:13
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d e a n d e a n #1 чт 24 июн 2004 01:28

Don`t quite see it here, overmanipulated IMHO



LATITUDE 52 LATITUDE 52 #9 пт 25 июн 2004 01:06


Where have you been?

No offence really....

Piotr Tamborek Piotr Tamborek #2 чт 24 июн 2004 02:04

Well done !!

Michael McCann Michael McCann #3 чт 24 июн 2004 06:17

Absolutely fabulous technique. Well done!

Arturo Mejia Dominguez Arturo Mejia Dominguez #4 чт 24 июн 2004 07:41

Rare color combination but looks great, almost perfect.


LATITUDE 52 LATITUDE 52 #7 пт 25 июн 2004 01:02

hmmm thanks but the precious metals are what the compostion is all about! Platinum is more precious than Gold! Woman is more precious than Man!

thoenen walo thoenen walo #5 чт 24 июн 2004 15:55



Mads Henriksen Mads Henriksen #6 чт 24 июн 2004 22:50

Friend... please... its a pity you spoil your picts with text across the mittle. If you want to protect them like that, don`t publice them.

If you want to publish, then take the chance - anyhow, who can use a low ress jpg, other than for private screen...

Well the pict. I like it - its very good - dynamic - dies in shadows - but thats OK, if no other possibilities. Take care colorizing lips, don`t make i to much - it is a little. Regards Mads

LATITUDE 52 LATITUDE 52 #8 пт 25 июн 2004 01:05


I have had images stolen many times. I digimarc too !!! But even I can get rid of digimarcs! So that is why but thank you anyway! Michael

LATITUDE 52 LATITUDE 52 #10 пт 25 июн 2004 01:08


I take the point about the lips!



Cristi Matei Cristi Matei #11 пт 25 июн 2004 14:36

Excellent I like it.