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Фото "" Lagoa do Fogo - Fire Lagoon ""

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" Lagoa do Fogo - Fire Lagoon "
“...where one gets the impression that the World should have been like this before Man began to think…”

S. Miguel Island – AZORES – my homeland: one of the nine islands that stretch out in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and America.
The discoverer of the Azores was probably Diogo de Silves in 1427, according to the opinion of the historian Damiao Peres. The greatest part of these islands situated in the week link regions that separates the plaques of Europe, Africa and America, resulted from the activity of volcanoes whose craters were lowered , forming the “caldeiras”, hot water tanks, and where everything was once fire and destruction, now there’s an inexpressible beauty that insists in not being framed by a photograph or painting!!!
To belong to an island creates this affection that the island belongs to us, but emigration was always the great drama for all Azoreans: from 1969 to 1974, sixty thousand people left the islands, to return time to time, many of them, richer than their former bosses.
Brazil, United States of America and Canada are the favorite destinations. I left the island in 1961 but I still am known as an islander. 
сб 3 июл 2004 17:56
сканер Epson
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Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #1 сб 3 июл 2004 18:25

Great capture of this wonderful view!!
Bom fim de semana e abraco!

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #2 сб 3 июл 2004 18:26

Very beautiful view!!!

Наталия Нурланд Наталия Нурланд #3 сб 3 июл 2004 18:52

wonderful view!

matte matte #4 сб 3 июл 2004 18:54

very attractive land, so wide and misty photo! great!

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #5 сб 3 июл 2004 19:33

wonderful view, luquesio !!!

flemming rasmussen flemming rasmussen #6 сб 3 июл 2004 19:50

It`s a wonderful picture, very nice work.

Michael McCann Michael McCann #7 сб 3 июл 2004 20:04

Beautiful image! Well done.

HASSAN V. HASSAN V. #8 сб 3 июл 2004 20:13

Fantastic capture ,lovely viwe the best for live,bravo

Princess Natasha Princess Natasha #9 сб 3 июл 2004 20:30

when i finish school, i want to be a poor islander and stay in S.Miguel Island provided there are no freeways and McDonalds.

Олег Титов Олег Титов #10 сб 3 июл 2004 21:42

Nice landscape!

chandru shahani chandru shahani #11 сб 3 июл 2004 21:56

Excellent serene, tranquil landscape.
Good tone setting with natural colors.

Дмитрий Тамур Дмитрий Тамур #12 сб 3 июл 2004 23:21

very lovely spot

John Jarrell John Jarrell #13 сб 3 июл 2004 23:39

Beautiful place....great storyline.

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #14 сб 3 июл 2004 23:56

Wonderful view and very well explained. Jinhos.

a sd a sd #15 вс 4 июл 2004 00:54

Superb picture and fantastic report, Luquesio!!!
Grande abraзo e bom fim de semana!