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Фото "Glamour"

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пн 31 дек 2001 00:42
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Makarov Igor Makarov Igor #1 пн 31 дек 2001 01:18

Very beautifully and sincerely

Aunjerli Aunjerli #2 пн 31 дек 2001 02:37

Reclining her bust has flattened a little more than I`d hope for and the legs are a fraction heavy, good work with a art model. Have a top New year

Chris Doll Chris Doll #3 пн 31 дек 2001 03:11

Excellent piece, orginality is great, technique is outstanding (so chrisp), only question placement of model (however I understand that`s the photographers decision)

Joseph Polevoi Joseph Polevoi #4 пн 31 дек 2001 06:27

Beautifully lit. Nice composition. The depression at the base of her neck appears very prominent. Quite an unusual shadow for that area.

Zurab Zurab #5 пн 31 дек 2001 11:47


Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #6 чт 10 янв 2002 06:28

`A good piece of art should be androgynous.`
Attributed to Joni Mitchell

so finally hi there
i am tio pepe and i sometimes make comments on pictures that tell me something
if waht i think has been said before i quote from that person who for one reason or another was quicker tan me it is awful to repeat
and for the time being i do not display any pictures of mine

i am not very fond of something here
but it all comes down to tasete and background and abilities and skills
so why bother indeed