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Фото "Sins of the Father"

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Sins of the Father
Linger awhile. If this photograph is going to grab you, it will take awhile. There is a lot of depth that is easily missed with a casual look. 
сб 20 янв 2001 20:47
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Greg Summers Greg Summers #2 вс 21 янв 2001 03:03

An excellent artiistic piece with great passion and emotion.

Todd Hansell Todd Hansell #5 ср 18 апр 2001 09:58

I don`t think it is possible to quickly or casually look at your photos. You aren`t just a photographer. You are a storyteller. I am the caprtive reader.

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #6 чт 3 янв 2002 07:42

it is beyond any comment

Lucaz - Luis Costa Lucaz - Luis Costa #7 сб 14 дек 2002 19:16

Very nice work. Please take a look of my galery, thks.

Gold Burger Gold Burger #8 сб 8 май 2004 00:43

Great image!!! Stunning composition!

Yours Gold Burger

remi aerts remi aerts #9 вс 3 окт 2004 07:05

Very beautiful view,
pleasant picture

Madzia Madzia #10 вс 26 дек 2004 13:46

Lovely,excellent composition улыбаюсь

Mike Lee Mike Lee #11 вт 24 май 2005 00:59

Excellent!!!!! I love the graphic detail, especially the portrait of the man that you blended into the brick! Very well done Steve. Best regards.--Mike Lee