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Photo "Family Of Four"

photo "Family Of Four" tags: macro and close-up, nature, flowers
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Family Of Four
Taken today in my yard. VERY small flowers with thorns. If you don`t like the frame--oh well. 
Sun 13 Jan 2002 06:14
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Katrin Andreyeff Katrin Andreyeff #1 Sun 13 Jan 2002 07:01

Very beautiful macro, Al! What kind of flowers are they?

Slavets Slavets #2 Sun 13 Jan 2002 10:18

nice one. oversaturated red is a bit distracting...

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #3 Sun 13 Jan 2002 11:32

Nice composition and colours.

Yuri Shchedov Yuri Shchedov #4 Sun 13 Jan 2002 12:46

Nice macro, Al !

Dmitry Dmitry Dmitry Dmitry #5 Sun 13 Jan 2002 12:53

Very beautiful macro!

Denis Borisov-Ris Denis Borisov-Ris #6 Sun 13 Jan 2002 13:35

Beautiful photo

Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #7 Sun 13 Jan 2002 14:54

Brilliant shot, Al!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #8 Sat 19 Jan 2002 04:45

when shooting a plant of whatever sort we hope that whoever happens afterwards to cast a glance at its image experiences the same thrill as we did when sighting it and also when transferring it to film or these days of late to disk and then to paper or the screen
we hope it could speak to everybody the way it has spoken to us ever since we made the decision shooting it would definitely be a very wise decision
so we take great care in transferring the softness of body and colour to our medium
we even think there should somehow be a way to imprint the wonderful unrivalled smell as well
or someone should invent that and do it quick

how many – and we`re not talking morons here what we`re talking here is people that have enough aesthetic sense and training to tell art from kitsch the ordinary and simply beautiful commonplace from the truly exceptional and the sublime
how many then feel drunk with elation in front of such an image

is the artistic act in that case a solitary experience
is it something that only the creator – and those few exceptions that prove the rule - can genuinely apprehend

ps i am not shore about the inner frame