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Photo "pure sunlight # 2"

photo "pure sunlight # 2" tags: landscape, summer, sunset
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pure sunlight # 2
non-biting mitches dancing in the last sunrays. Summer
evening at St. Anna - lake, a crater-lake in the central
Carpathian mountains, Romania 
Tue 15 Jan 2002 02:33
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Borisych Borisych #1 Tue 15 Jan 2002 03:22

Excellent Shot! Сказка!

Irina Savkina Irina Savkina #2 Tue 15 Jan 2002 03:40


FOMA FOMA #3 Tue 15 Jan 2002 03:58

Удивительное сочетание фееричности и покоя.

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #4 Tue 15 Jan 2002 05:04

Exquisite work, Rene! I`m glad that you explained about the `mitches`. Beautiful light and colors. smile

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #5 Tue 15 Jan 2002 05:45

Thank goodness they don`t bite. Great in every way in my `book`.

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #6 Tue 15 Jan 2002 06:13

Forgive my ignorance, but -- mitches=fireflies?? smile Another irresistible image. These little sparkles are like star dust, or poplar fluff, or, better yet, the heavenly manna itself! smile There`s something reminiscent of pointillism in the appearance of the trees and tall grasses. So skillfully composed that neither the cropped trees, nor the split-center horizon take anything away from the image. Oh, Rene! smile )

PINXIT PINXIT #7 Tue 15 Jan 2002 08:08

its wonderrul!!!!

valerie hutton valerie hutton #8 Tue 15 Jan 2002 09:21


Babette Babette #9 Tue 15 Jan 2002 09:42

Excellent in all ways, Rene!

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #10 Tue 15 Jan 2002 12:26

Outstanding shot Rene...Awesome !!!

Zakadr Zakadr #11 Tue 15 Jan 2002 13:05

Enchantling spectacle!

Vad Ivanov Vad Ivanov #12 Tue 15 Jan 2002 13:09

Lovely shot! Maybe sun spot is slightly bright.

Viktoriya SHvarc Viktoriya SHvarc #13 Tue 15 Jan 2002 13:54


Vladimir Serov Vladimir Serov #14 Tue 15 Jan 2002 15:08

Amazing shot!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #15 Thu 17 Jan 2002 05:52

hello rene
thank you for writing back
it gives me pleasure to add my humble comments to the others on your shots
by the way a few days ago father came visiting us (brought us one of his works) and when leaving he gave both of us a calendar i was not very enthusiastic about it i am usually not about calendars but i took it and when i looked at it i said wait a dang minute i know this picture and indeed there was your name on it
rene triebl
stephen`s tower
the one that fools people
well done
you`ve taken over it all in baia mare

i have not written back as i could not return to the computer for sort of five days
but i was looking forward for your comments here and your pictures and all the action

in the picture here i think it could well be about the sea as well
any sea
archetypal or something (to put it like beavis and butt-head so that people think i`m stupid - or something...)

`stay calm be brave and wait for the signs`