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Фото "The red miss"

фото "The red miss" метки: путешествия, Азия
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The red miss
пт 18 янв 2002 21:36
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Peter McMullin Peter McMullin #1 пт 18 янв 2002 21:59

I really like this picture> the framing is very good indeed> maybe it is slightly overexposed but that is a matter of personal choice> Keep up the good work!

Вадим Иванов Вадим Иванов #2 сб 19 янв 2002 00:25

Very pleasant work!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #3 сб 19 янв 2002 06:02

this is a bit different from what i`ve seen of your work so far
that is, not a landscape

still impressive in terms of perspective

i`m not quite sure about the position of the woman
i think i know what you wanted to get
but i`m not quite sure she happens to be at the right place

Владимир Гуров Владимир Гуров #4 сб 19 янв 2002 06:48

Great composition

Stefan Sonntag Stefan Sonntag #5 сб 19 янв 2002 19:10

i think the exposure is quite right, as there is now a strong contrast between the hey key background and the dark passageway through the row of buildings. and yes - the light gap between the two houses serves as a wonderful frame.

David Lai David Lai #6 вс 20 янв 2002 16:47

A very nice piece of work. Well done, David !!

Howard Wolowitz Howard Wolowitz #7 пн 21 янв 2002 08:37

You certainly get to some (to me) strange places. At least you bring back such wonderful shots. Thanks for taking me to places I have never even dreamed of David.

Jacob Lopes Jacob Lopes #8 пт 15 фев 2002 01:44

Masterful composition!

Frederic Lefebvre Frederic Lefebvre #9 пн 18 фев 2002 19:11

Brilliant idea. I like this "2 frame" picture.
Well done.

Gustavo Rocha Gustavo Rocha #10 пн 28 авг 2006 06:59

Great composition!