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Фото "Basic Instinct"

фото "Basic Instinct" метки: природа, домашние животные
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Basic Instinct
This is my cat, Pinkerton. He caught this mouse Saturday night, and while he is a good `mouser`, he becomes over confident while `playing` with them and they escape like this one did. He caught another mouse Sunday evening and I bet it was the same one. It escaped also. :))) 
вт 22 янв 2002 01:28
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Сергей Заломанин Сергей Заломанин #1 вт 22 янв 2002 01:33

The working cat!!!, is fine caught!!!

ФОМА ФОМА #2 вт 22 янв 2002 01:34

Труженик! А меня собака( смотри мой автопортрет)- спит у меня в ногах и мыши его не волнуют:)

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #3 вт 22 янв 2002 01:51

Wonderful image with sharp details and a beautiful glow in his left eye - Excellent photo!

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #4 вт 22 янв 2002 02:40

yikes!!! the facts of life, i suppose....
honestly not sure how and if to rate, call me crazy..
do they escape totally unharmed or what?

Babette Babette #5 вт 22 янв 2002 04:04

:))) Quite familiar sight and quite familiar story!!!

valerie hutton valerie hutton #6 вт 22 янв 2002 04:32

great shot Sandra.... wonderful detail!!

Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #7 вт 22 янв 2002 04:33

Excellent shot Sandra, Pinkerton is a good model. My first German Shepherd male liked to "smack" mice with his paw outside and watch them run around in circles having lost some basic skill after being thumped!
Love the way the whiskers stand out.

Wayne Leach

Виктория Виктория #8 вт 22 янв 2002 05:48

Very nice cat and great pic!

Wayne Chiu Wayne Chiu #9 вт 22 янв 2002 06:37

He is very proud of himself улыбаюсь )

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #10 вт 22 янв 2002 07:02

Great detailed pic!



Владимир Гуров Владимир Гуров #12 вт 22 янв 2002 09:29

A very serious "man" with a very nice name улыбаюсь ) A glance!!!

Val Nick Val Nick #13 вт 22 янв 2002 11:57

congratulations-your cat is a good hunter and you have made a nice shot !

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #14 вт 22 янв 2002 14:22

Great cat-ch, wonderful details.

Gudrun Svenda Gudrun Svenda #15 вт 22 янв 2002 14:56

:-) your tiger Pinkerton conquered my heart улыбаюсь
BTW: It`s a phantastic shot at a high degree of difficulty !