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Фото "Dreambike"

фото "Dreambike" метки: натюрморт, разное,
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I love that stuff 
сб 26 янв 2002 06:29
Canon Chinon GS135
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Wayne Chiu Wayne Chiu #1 сб 26 янв 2002 08:17

Beautiful silver color and nice composition улыбаюсь )

Val Nick Val Nick #2 сб 26 янв 2002 11:47

Interesting stuff, perfect shot - and nice selfportrait in reflection;) !

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #3 сб 26 янв 2002 13:28

Great shot, well composed, fine details...Introducing the figures reflected on the shiny metal partrs adds to the picture.

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #4 сб 26 янв 2002 16:12

The shining chrome is wonderful - Great reflections - Beautiful self-portrait!

Linda Yee Linda Yee #6 сб 26 янв 2002 19:33

Perfect Gudi! I am glad you posted this one. Technically it is excellent and that is difficult with all of the shiny chrome. The idea of showing just the engine is brilliant for it is the heart of this "dream machine". Also, very appealing subject and good representation of the western world. Nice!

Babette Babette #7 вс 27 янв 2002 00:20

Mu youngest daughter`s dream, too. улыбаюсь )

valerie hutton valerie hutton #8 вс 27 янв 2002 00:44

Gudi! this sure is sharp!!!

Юрий 137 Юрий 137 #9 вс 27 янв 2002 13:06

Good shot, good name!

Per Bjarne Per Bjarne #10 вс 27 янв 2002 13:54

I must give you maximum points for this legendary machine.

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #11 вт 29 янв 2002 04:10

Oh, my father had the Harley, too! And I know it pretty well since my childhood... Great stuff in the great photo!

hua li hua li #12 ср 30 янв 2002 09:18

How beautiful harley!very sharpness photo!Beautiful harley and love harley peoples.I like this expressive a way.

Закадр Закадр #13 ср 6 фев 2002 18:59

Interesting Hi-Tech...

Jim Caldwell Jim Caldwell #14 ср 6 фев 2002 19:42

Wonderful capture of a solid American institution! I even like the reflection of the photographer in the chrome. Very nice!! You`ve captured the essence of the Harley without showing the entire motorcycle. I like the positioning of the Harley logo and the way the chrome draws the eye to the reflections in the center!

Vale de Sousa Vale de Sousa #15 ср 6 фев 2002 21:29

a dream!

Mike Baldwin Mike Baldwin #16 сб 9 фев 2002 04:30

Pretty flawless...lovely reflections. The centre of the picture is another picture in itself!