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Фото "Отпуск"

фото "Отпуск" метки: природа, юмор, дикие животные
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Ранняя осень, Рижский зоопарк. 
ср 30 янв 2002 20:28
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RMB RMB #1 ср 30 янв 2002 20:35

Ох хорошо ему я чувствую..... улыбаюсь

Aguinaldo Calheiros Vera-Cruz Aguinaldo Calheiros Vera-Cruz #2 ср 30 янв 2002 20:35

Excellent !

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #3 ср 30 янв 2002 21:16

Lovely closeup, Serge.

Alan Hauge Christensen Alan Hauge Christensen #4 ср 30 янв 2002 21:17

Well that`s a funny one.

Павел Бурдо Павел Бурдо #5 ср 30 янв 2002 21:34

А рамочка какая-то не отпускная улыбаюсь

Serge Broslavsky Serge Broslavsky #6 ср 30 янв 2002 21:38

Павел Бурдо: Так ведь отпуск то далеко (в обе стороны) улыбаюсь

4yl 4yl #7 ср 30 янв 2002 21:59

Понравилось. И зверюга и вода.

Asya Akhoundova Asya Akhoundova #8 пт 1 фев 2002 03:47


A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA #9 пт 1 фев 2002 21:22

:) ой насмешили. спасибо! улыбаюсь

Стас Стас #10 пт 8 фев 2002 22:23

Вы подарили мне улыбку!!! Спасибо!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #11 пт 15 фев 2002 04:54

it is nice how when you take a look at the thumbnail the image you see is - because so little – misleading
it showed me something like a big flask – such as those for home-made wine - thrown as garbage by inconsiderate reckless people into the water

you enlarge it and there is the - wow i can`t remember the name of the animal for the life of me
such a surprise

and the title is just gorgeous

the reflections in the water as if dancing serpent-like creatures moving zealously around the carefree something - you tell me what this is please

i am not quite sure about the framing but there is not much else i would like to have changed
keep up the good work and do bring more of it

Serge Broslavsky Serge Broslavsky #12 пн 18 фев 2002 15:49

Tio Pepe: Thank you for such a warm comment улыбаюсь It`s a real pleasure to read your comments улыбаюсь