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Фото "table and chairs"

фото "table and chairs" метки: натюрморт,
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table and chairs
чт 31 янв 2002 01:06
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Babette Babette #1 чт 31 янв 2002 01:40


Carmen Fuchs Carmen Fuchs #2 чт 31 янв 2002 03:09

Well done.

Mary Waters Mary Waters #3 чт 31 янв 2002 08:56

excellent image..love the contrasts and the shadows on the wall...

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #4 чт 31 янв 2002 12:13

Outstanding shot !!!

A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA #5 пт 1 фев 2002 03:17

nice composition!

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #6 пт 1 фев 2002 18:36

I`ve come back to this a few times now, each time feeling a little awkward about the image, not quite sure what was preventing me from seeing it `click`. I think I`ve got it now. I felt like something was missing, lacking, like the photo was incomplete somehow, as though an element - small but crucial - had been omitted. What became that needed element upon nth examination, are the 2 placemats, and the one that`s missing on the left. Now, it clicks, zings, and sings улыбаюсь ) Does this make sense? улыбаюсь I mean, I still kinda, sorta, wish there were a little something else on the wall maybe, but I also realize it would make it too proper, even kitschy. The way it is, it`s just right. there улыбаюсь )