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Фото "bee borage"

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bee borage
пн 4 июл 2005 19:07
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A. Girao A. Girao #1 пн 4 июл 2005 19:11

Great work, wonderful details, cliff!

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #2 пн 4 июл 2005 19:12

another very nice presentation; have a good day and congrats

miguel miguel #3 пн 4 июл 2005 19:18

Excellent. The colors, the sharpness, the exposure. Nicely done!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #4 пн 4 июл 2005 19:21

Excellent composition, colours and details.


Phil Sanders Phil Sanders #6 пн 4 июл 2005 19:56

What an unusual plant - lovely shot

Владимир Никитин Владимир Никитин #7 пн 4 июл 2005 20:01

cliff, Flowers in your execution look on especial.
It is visible, that before click of the camera the big, laborious work was done.

Sarah Lombart Sarah Lombart #8 пн 4 июл 2005 20:10

Always great details in your pictures...splendid blue...I didn't know this flower, a field one,I suppose?Nature is so rich...
Have a nice week!

cliff rosbotham cliff rosbotham #10 пн 4 июл 2005 20:28

Sarah. borage is very easily grown from seed and the flowers are edible lovely in salad. Another is to pick the flowers and make ice cubes with a flower in each cube nice summer touch to cool drinks

Владимир Фомин Владимир Фомин #9 пн 4 июл 2005 20:13

Escelent colors

Gilbert Morisson Gilbert Morisson #11 пн 4 июл 2005 20:31

Cliff your flowers seem to be out of the screen. Beautiful effect and colors. Best reagards.

silvia marmori silvia marmori #12 пн 4 июл 2005 20:35

anothergreat capture, cliff.. it has so great details and colours.. wonderful made!

Vitor Nunes Vitor Nunes #13 пн 4 июл 2005 21:44

Excellent work

Vajdas Plunge Vajdas Plunge #14 пн 4 июл 2005 21:48

Excelent makro

АмиЛи АмиЛи #15 пн 4 июл 2005 23:02

Wonderful macro with excellent colors and light...

Brian Swift Brian Swift #16 пн 4 июл 2005 23:25

Beautiful! that is the only word to describe this image with it's soft tones and colour.I don't know wheather you know this Cliff but the flowers are used in cake decoration and once you have this plant it will self seed year after year.Congrats my friend.