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Фото "Medieval teatre in gothic city!"

фото "Medieval teatre in gothic city!" метки: репортаж, портрет,
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Medieval teatre in gothic city!
Old Town of Torun / Poland. 7.07.05r. STELLA POLARIS: play of theatre from Norway. Midlle ages atmosphere od madness... . A lot of motifs from Hieronim Bosch / painter. (Ship of fools). Ubeliveble tempo and expression! One of the best play in my live. Canon PowerShot G-5 
пн 18 июл 2005 20:03
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silvia marmori silvia marmori #1 пн 18 июл 2005 22:04

i like it.. it is very expressive image, and the background adds the street's plays mood.. i like also colours and how you composed it

manta7 manta7 #4 вт 19 июл 2005 08:32

Thanks for your kindness! This theatre was a great experience for me. During this play I feel like in medieval time! Really! STELLA POLARIS: great theatre!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #2 вт 19 июл 2005 02:11

Excellent composition!
Beautiful colours, expression and details.


manta7 manta7 #7 вт 19 июл 2005 10:48

Thank you! ...I explained it in the other place: this photo was made by accident улыбаюсь . ...but event was so great!

chandru shahani chandru shahani #3 вт 19 июл 2005 03:41

Powerful expression and I like her gaze of anger. I like the feel of this image and background adds to the quality of the picture.

manta7 manta7 #5 вт 19 июл 2005 08:35

Thank you! ...I am only messenger улыбаюсь They did it evertyhing! This theatre is really from medieval times. Torun it is a gothic city, so such a play is very often shoved. ...but STELLA POLARIS is absolutelly the best!

Ольга Малеева Ольга Малеева #6 вт 19 июл 2005 09:32

It is a lot of emotions at an actress.
A successful photo))

manta7 manta7 #8 вт 19 июл 2005 17:54

Thank you and болшое спасибо улыбаюсь