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Фото "Alfama 5 - Steps on narrow street"

фото "Alfama 5 - Steps on narrow street" метки: архитектура, пейзаж,
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Alfama 5 - Steps on narrow street
This is the fifth photo about Alfama of a series of six made in 2001.
Talking about Alfama is talking about plants and flowers.
All kind of recipients are available to put plants on street.
In this image you could see a red painting old pool for laundry covered by flowerpots.
The steps are everywhere since the quarter is building on a hillside. 
чт 21 июл 2005 00:17
FujiFilm Mx-700
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yves ralim yves ralim #1 чт 21 июл 2005 00:21

An other photo with great atmosphere Vitor! Alfama is a superb area! we are waiting for other views! thank you my dear friend.

A. Girao A. Girao #2 чт 21 июл 2005 00:21

Another very typical perspective of the narrow streets of old Lisbon, well composed, great work

Arvid Klokk Arvid Klokk #3 чт 21 июл 2005 00:23

I like this street pictures very vell my friend

Eлена Cавченко Eлена Cавченко #4 чт 21 июл 2005 00:26

Botanical garden. Beautiful small street.

Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #5 чт 21 июл 2005 00:29

another beautiful perspective from Alfama!

Brian Swift Brian Swift #6 чт 21 июл 2005 00:40

Great image with lovely tones and contrasts.It is nice to know that no vehicle can go down this street and spoil it,well done Vitor.

Gilbert Morisson Gilbert Morisson #7 чт 21 июл 2005 01:09

Nice city view...

cliff rosbotham cliff rosbotham #8 чт 21 июл 2005 01:27

beautiful cool courtyard Vitor, lovely image with loads of atmosphere, excellent series

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #9 чт 21 июл 2005 01:32

Bela perspectiva e luz!!

Евгений Ючкин Евгений Ючкин #10 чт 21 июл 2005 01:49

Beautiful perspective!!!

Ирина Опачевская Ирина Опачевская #11 чт 21 июл 2005 02:05

Nice composition!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #12 чт 21 июл 2005 02:20

Alfama...Será sempre Alfama!
Bonito demais para se dizer mais ..
Boa perspectiva, luz e cores.


silvia marmori silvia marmori #13 чт 21 июл 2005 03:34

so beautiful... great one.. you captured the mood..
thanks for complete notes...
only six images? улыбаюсь

luz fava luz fava #14 чт 21 июл 2005 04:03

vitor beautiful photo. congrats

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #15 чт 21 июл 2005 04:24

Beautiful place and good report. Abraзos.