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Фото "New Yorker"

фото "New Yorker" метки: архитектура, черно-белые, пейзаж,
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New Yorker
Some History Facts about the New Yorker...

The New Yorker, a marvel of its day, was the largest hotel in New York with 2,500 rooms. In addition to the ballrooms there were ten private dining "salons" and five restaurants employing 35 master cooks. The barber shop was one of the largest in the world with 42 chairs and twenty manicurists. There were 92 telephone operators and 150 laundry staff washing as many as 350,000 pieces daily. This was all supported by America's largest private power plant, which the New Yorker had installed down in the sub-basements.

With the arrival of the Big Bands, the stage was set for the "heyday" of the New Yorker Hotel. The famous bands of the day played at the New Yorker, including Benny Goodman, both of the Dorseys and Woody Herman. This atmosphere not only drew in business travelers and tourists, but also attracted the elite of society as well as political figures and business leaders. The Brooklyn Dodgers, with Manager Leo Durocher, headquartered here for the 1941 World Series, and Joe DiMaggio lived here when the Yankees were in town. The 1950's - 60's did not turn out to be as prosperous as previous years, and The New Yorker closed its doors in 1972.

In 1994 a new management team hired a highly professional staff and developed an infrastructure to run a top flight hotel. On June 1st, 1994 The New Yorker Hotel Management Company, Inc. officially re-opened the building with 178 rooms available to the public. With the completion of a five-year renovation program befitting the Hotel's grand history, they now have 1,000 guestrooms available. 
чт 21 июл 2005 11:42
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Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #1 чт 21 июл 2005 11:54

Good perspective and tone.


Kiryha Hakhovich Kiryha Hakhovich #2 чт 21 июл 2005 18:55

Good choice on black and white

Вадим Иванов Вадим Иванов #4 ср 27 июл 2005 20:46

I like your New-York series. Keep sharing.