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Фото "diagonal"

фото "diagonal" метки: пейзаж, закат, облака
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This sea is covered with adolescents
learning to walk on waves, upright,
sometimes resting their arms on the currents,
sometimes gripping a stiff beam of sunlight.
I lie on the broad beach, an angled shape, cut perfectly,
and I ponder them like travelers landing.
An infinite fleet of yawls. I wait to see
a false step, or at least a grounding
up to knee in the diaphanous swell
beneath their measured progress, sounding.
But they are slim and calm - as well,
they've learned to walk on waves - and standing.
i want to be adolescent... do you want? 
сб 23 июл 2005 18:52
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silvia marmori silvia marmori #1 сб 23 июл 2005 19:03

sure.. i want to walk on leaves and standing... but also falling, maybe.. улыбаюсь
beautiful words.. and so beautiful sunset.. excellent diagonal and tones in it

Наталия Нурланд Наталия Нурланд #2 сб 23 июл 2005 19:04

very beautiful!

chandru shahani chandru shahani #3 сб 23 июл 2005 19:24

Really a nice composition that is beautiful to see.

miguel miguel #4 сб 23 июл 2005 19:27

Very well composed and presented, great atmosphere and tone! Regards.

yves ralim yves ralim #5 сб 23 июл 2005 20:02

Nice tones, a very beautiful light... a nice moment you have captured here mircea...

Phil Sanders Phil Sanders #6 сб 23 июл 2005 20:12

Evening on the Doorstep

Sitting on the doorstep
Watching clouds go by
All the changing patterns
High up in the sky
Sunlight fading gently
Slowly in the west
Jet trails spreading lazily
Miles above the rest
I wonder where they’re going
I wonder where they’ve been
Magic destinations
Ever changing scene
Just like all the patterns
We weave within our life
Never know our destiny……
Comforting …. or strife
Phil Sanders

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #7 сб 23 июл 2005 20:14

thanks, Phil - nice and sensitive

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #8 сб 23 июл 2005 20:53

Great contrast and beautiful colour!
Interesting notes...


Vladimir Gitin Vladimir Gitin #9 сб 23 июл 2005 21:22

Very good composition.

cliff rosbotham cliff rosbotham #10 сб 23 июл 2005 21:23

excellent composition and stunningly beautiful

A. Girao A. Girao #11 сб 23 июл 2005 21:52

Well presented, good low light excellent and beautiful sky

Jose Antonio Moreno Jose Antonio Moreno #12 сб 23 июл 2005 21:53

Nice mood and well composed.

Congrats, i want to be adolescent

A V E A V E #13 сб 23 июл 2005 21:56

very well done Mircea!

Arvid Klokk Arvid Klokk #14 сб 23 июл 2005 22:01

Very beautifult, the words and the pictures. The frame is very good on this pictures, everything is good, ju have do a good jobb Mircea..

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #15 сб 23 июл 2005 22:06

Wonderful golden light. Have a good weekend.