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Фото "Quiet Communication"

фото "Quiet Communication" метки: природа, портрет, дикие животные
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Quiet Communication
In the first place I named this picture “ Eye Contact “…
It was supposed to be a kind of “hymn” dedicated to an uncomfortable, bothering, sad state of mind of many human beings… Actually all Mankind represented by an innocent, simple, pure, primitive Ape… Not because the Humans would be necessarily primitive and animals! It has really nothing to do with it! But let’s say that this Ape with its primitive emotions and features is playing fantastic the role of a deep, shivering, dramatic posture, the frustrating SOLITUDE… The solitude, not only of single people, but the solitude of the lonely ones, the ones who don’t belong here, the ones who cannot adjust themselves to the reality, the ones who are living in parallel Worlds, the ones who are permanently creating dreams and charming, breathtaking situations, or just the “pictures” of it…And why not, also the solitude of the ones with all kind of handicaps and complexes- no matter if rich, or poor, ugly or beautiful, harmonious shaped or with a wooden leg and blind eye…I’m talking also about the solitude of the dead couples, where a nuclear heat would not warm ever back a frozen link…an iced chasm.
I changed my mind a while after, thinking of another title: “ Quiet Communication…”
The message would be pretty much the same, or just very sensible turned to another big issue of the Humans, the miscommunication…
“ Imagine there’s no Heaven, it’s easy if you try,
No Hell bellow us, above us only Sky…” ( was “preaching” Lennon… )
Imagine that the people would be more open and sincere and fair with themselves, imagine that there won’t be any tricks, nor selfishness or lies or hidden secrets, no boundaries, no limits, no exceptions… Imagine that it would exist a Magic Password : QUIET COMMUNICATION .
Something like the one expressed by the little Ape… 
вт 26 июл 2005 19:15
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miguel miguel #1 вт 26 июл 2005 19:18

Thanks for sharing your notes. beautiful close up. Lovely capture at all.

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #2 вт 26 июл 2005 19:24

excellent portarit; beautiful shot
congrats and best regards

A. Girao A. Girao #3 вт 26 июл 2005 19:28

Great close-up, thanks Livio for your notes!

Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #4 вт 26 июл 2005 19:33

this is a great portrait, Livio!!
his expression was very well captured.
very interesting considerations about miscommunication.

Андрей Климачёв Андрей Климачёв #5 вт 26 июл 2005 19:45

Magnificent portrait of mankind.
The interesting comment.

TTFMS TTFMS TTFMS TTFMS #6 вт 26 июл 2005 20:09

sooooo cute !)))
i loved the wrinkles on the forehead!

Vitor Nunes Vitor Nunes #7 вт 26 июл 2005 21:00

- The photo
- Your reflection

Keep on the way Livio

Алексей Кузин Алексей Кузин #8 вт 26 июл 2005 22:12

:)))) улыбаюсь ))))

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #9 вт 26 июл 2005 22:32

Great discription!
Lovely portrait.
Very expressive.


Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #10 вт 26 июл 2005 23:10

Wath a lovely face... well captured Livio!
Very nice words too.

Таня Шепитько Таня Шепитько #11 вт 26 июл 2005 23:11

Funny portrait.
This monkey looks like extraterrestrial улыбаюсь )

Eлена Cавченко Eлена Cавченко #12 ср 27 июл 2005 00:22

Simply charm.

A V E A V E #13 ср 27 июл 2005 00:55

outstanding work!!

luz fava luz fava #14 ср 27 июл 2005 01:06

good notes!. great photo congrats

silvia marmori silvia marmori #15 ср 27 июл 2005 01:20

you talk about solitude... about the ones that always feel they dont belong here, about parallel worlds we have to create to bear the real one... maybe we are doing that, commenting and reading yuor notes, taking shots, and creating that paralel world with our images.. and we are communicating, also.
those ape's eyes are a good example... they say a lot..
great words, great photo