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Фото "just one night.."

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just one night..
место съемки:
A cactus flower from my garden.. they appear, maybe five or six , once a year …most open same day, so the bud here is strange, it opened one day later…
I love them.. maybe coz they live one night only.. I feel their ephemeral life makes them special..
I can watch other flowers.. just a glance, coz I know I will see them again the next day, and coming ones.. and there will be more of them ready to blossom when the others die.. but when I watch this cactus flower, I try to fill my soul all of a sudden.. I try to intoxicate myself with its beauty… coz I know it will be brief.. and intense.. and this feeling will have to last a whole year.. until it will blossom again… 
сб 8 апр 2006 01:38
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alessandro mezzenzana alessandro mezzenzana #1 сб 8 апр 2006 02:07

brava bella foto toni molto tenui foto ben bilanciata complimenti excellent work nice tone

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #2 сб 8 апр 2006 02:15

So beautiful!!!!
Excellent work and very well presented, my friend!
Kisses to you!!!
Bom fim de semana!

Galina Gershon Galina Gershon #3 сб 8 апр 2006 02:37

What beauty!

АмиЛи АмиЛи #4 сб 8 апр 2006 03:00

Beautiful composition and soft colors...Very elegant flower..))

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #5 сб 8 апр 2006 03:03

Lovely flower and delicate composition. Um bom fim de semana para ti. Beijinhos.

Elena HL Elena HL #7 сб 8 апр 2006 03:08

Dear friend! So amazing flower! So unusual and unique as it's one day only life!
You wrote wondeful notes. I like them and your feeling.
Kisses, Sil!
Have a wondeful week end!

Ольга Б Ольга Б #8 сб 8 апр 2006 04:36

Pleasant still.

Julia Sinnott Julia Sinnott #9 сб 8 апр 2006 05:10

Wow, Sil. Truly beautiful - I think even more as you said because of their short life - stunning shot with incredible detail and color!


Ольга Загороднова Ольга Загороднова #10 сб 8 апр 2006 05:43

So marvelous flower, nice comment.

Ольга Малеева Ольга Малеева #11 сб 8 апр 2006 06:46

Beautiful flower!!!

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #12 сб 8 апр 2006 07:17

What an inspiring photo Dear Sil !
Perfect for love and joy !
Barry улыбаюсь ))

Roberto Roberto #13 сб 8 апр 2006 07:49

What a beautiful flower you have in your garden!

zoe radulescu zoe radulescu #14 сб 8 апр 2006 08:02

an experience which make us live every moment with intensity and strong heart. In the same time delicate and strong this flower (like you.. i imagine).

Михаил Максимов Михаил Максимов #15 сб 8 апр 2006 08:42

very beautiful cactus in your garden

yves ralim yves ralim #16 сб 8 апр 2006 09:47

so wonderful...so delicate and so well caught, with the perfect light. A so superb photo immortalizes it, thus we can contemplate it while awaiting the next one. The only perfume will miss us.. I love the fragile texture and the delicacy of the petals. This is a photo of the soul.