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Фото "Екатерининский парк"

фото "Екатерининский парк" метки: пейзаж, черно-белые,
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Екатерининский парк
место съемки:
The Catherine Park was arranged to the south west of the Catherine Palace and occupies an area of more than one hundred hectares. The park went through two main stages of development. The first stage was the period of construction of the regular park in front of the eastern wing of the Catherine Palace, including the Old Park. The second stage was marked by the formation of the overall territory for the landscape part of the park, located to the south of the old part of the park. The new parks included as independent parts old garden areas that lost their regular character after the trees were pruned, but which maintained their original layout with minor changes. You can begin your visit of the Catherine Park near the central entrance to the Catherine Palace, near the Swan Fountain, at the terrace of the Old Park created in the early 18th century.

пн 17 апр 2006 11:12
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Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #1 пн 17 апр 2006 11:30

Thanks for the notes!
Excellent composition, light and tonality!
Beautiful place!


Petri Volanen Petri Volanen #2 чт 20 апр 2006 08:23

I like this, very good 'back to the past times' feel. Very nice!