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Фото "d i s s o l v i n g"

фото "d i s s o l v i n g" метки: натюрморт,
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Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #1 сб 29 апр 2006 06:11

Another excellent work. Warm regards.

Sergey_N Sergey_N #2 сб 29 апр 2006 06:26

Looks interesting, but wouldn't be better to show just one glass, but in bigger format?

Marv Marv #4 сб 29 апр 2006 07:27

i personally like to see all the four of those because I like the "dance" of those drops and the process of it!! different strokes for different folks i guess улыбаюсь thanks for your thought!!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #3 сб 29 апр 2006 07:16

Another great work, my friend!
Your still life are fantastic!!!!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #5 сб 29 апр 2006 12:57

Wow, this is really original and pleasant , excellent details and colour contrasts, well titled and composed still life!!


Klaus Ziora Klaus Ziora #6 сб 29 апр 2006 12:59

wow , clean and good

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #7 сб 29 апр 2006 13:11

so nice... glass series is remarkable; regards

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #8 сб 29 апр 2006 14:53

Another excellent work!!!!

silvia marmori silvia marmori #9 сб 29 апр 2006 20:08

not only each one is truly creative at this series, but the quality is top, dear Marv!!
enjoy a great week end! улыбаюсь

Brites dos Santos Brites dos Santos #10 вт 2 май 2006 21:28

Very well composed. Pleasant picture.

Zbyszek  Wall   Walczuk Zbyszek Wall Walczuk #11 сб 6 май 2006 10:40

Very good colours and lights.