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Photo "Breaks of the destiny"

photo "Breaks of the destiny" tags: landscape, mountains
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Breaks of the destiny
In the photo - The Small Mahtesh (crater).
In the Negev Desert, the naked and unique geological layers can be observed due to millions of years of surface ground erosion. There are two versions of occurrence of this surprising natural phenomenon. Some geologists assume, that craters (on globe there are four such craters, three of them are Mahtesh Ramon, Big Mahtesh, and Small Mahtesh - in the territory of Israel, and one more - on Sinaisky peninsula) were formed due to displacement of soft and firm breeds of the ground. Yet another theory insists on a meteoric origin of such craters because of abnormal geological formations which appear to be extraterrestrial since they are found nowhere on Earth. 
Wed 26 Apr 2006 01:14
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miguel miguel #1 Wed 26 Apr 2006 01:24

Never saw such shape in a mountain before. Great shot Elena.

julia gilbaum julia gilbaum #2 Wed 26 Apr 2006 01:34

Great point of view!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #4 Wed 26 Apr 2006 02:57

Thans for the notes Elena, impressive mountain view with very good details and textures captured!


B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #5 Wed 26 Apr 2006 03:25

Great photo Elena ! Great earth science lesson.
Warmest regards.
Barry laugh

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #6 Wed 26 Apr 2006 04:56

Great capture of a interesting place. Thanks for the notes. Best regards.

Yaranta Yaranta #7 Wed 26 Apr 2006 09:09

и что только в природе не увидишь!

Olga Maleeva Olga Maleeva #8 Wed 26 Apr 2006 09:09

красиво и место интересное!

andrew bart andrew bart #9 Wed 26 Apr 2006 09:36

Метеорит однозначно...

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #10 Wed 26 Apr 2006 10:48

Warm earth tonality, expressive photo, very nice!
Best regards!

Leonid Belsky Leonid Belsky #11 Wed 26 Apr 2006 10:52

Очень хорошее фото, Лена) Насыщенное, нет пустых мест. Ракурс очень впечатляет, небо отлично получилось) А светлое в правом нижнем углу я сначала вообще за снег принял!

Michael Maximov Michael Maximov #12 Wed 26 Apr 2006 11:22

красивые борозды

Eugene Yuchkin Eugene Yuchkin #13 Wed 26 Apr 2006 12:00

Красивые изломы... и очень познавательное примечание!!!
Мои поздравления!

Nadezda Koldysheva Nadezda Koldysheva #14 Wed 26 Apr 2006 12:21

О как интересно !!! Как будто след гигантского колеса!!! Отлично снято, Леночка!!!

Vladimir Kulichenko Vladimir Kulichenko #15 Wed 26 Apr 2006 12:49

Бог с ними, с версиями происхождения. Потрясает какие могучие силы все это создавали. И снимок это очень хорошо отражает. Кроме того он очень красив и по композиции, и по тональному решению (слепящие облака - супер) и по цвету.

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #16 Wed 26 Apr 2006 13:08

very good angle of view and tonality; regards