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George was born to a Christian family during the late 3rd century. His father was from Cappadocia and served as an officer of the army. His mother was from Lydda, Palestine. She returned to her native city as a widow along with her young son. The youth, it would seem, followed his father's example in joining the army soon after his coming of age. He proved to be a charismatic soldier and consequently rose quickly through the military ranks of the time.
The legend of George and the Dragon:
Several stories have been attached to Saint George, the best known of which is the Golden Legend. In it, a dragon lived in a lake near Silena, Libya. Whole armies had gone up against this fierce creature, and had gone down in painful defeat. The monster ate two sheep each day; when mutton was scarce, lots were drawn in local villages, and maidens were substituted for sheep. Into this country came Saint George. Hearing the story on a day when a princess was to be eaten, he crossed himself, rode to battle against the serpent, and killed it with a single blow with his lance. George then held forth with a magnificent sermon, and converted the locals. Given a large reward by the king, George distributed it to the poor, then rode away. Due to his chivalrous behavior (protecting women, fighting evil, dependence on faith and might of arms, largesse to the poor), devotion to Saint George became popular in the Europe after the 10th century. In the 15th century his feast day was as popular and important as Christmas. Many of his areas of patronage have to do with life as a knight on horseback. The celebrated Knights of the Garter are actually Knights of the Order of Saint George. The shrine built for his relics at Lydda, Palestine was a popular point of pilgrimage for centuries. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, Saint George was a man who abandoned one army for another: he gave up the rank of tribune to enlist as a soldier for Christ. Eager to encounter the enemy, he first stripped away his worldly wealth by giving all he had to the poor. Then, free and unencumbered, bearing the shield of faith, he plunged into the think of the battle, an ardent soldier for Christ. Clearly, what he did serves to teach us a valuable lesson: if we are afraid to strip ourselves of out worldly possessions, then we are unfit to make a strong defense of the faith.
St. George`s day (on the 6th of May) has been celebrated in my father`s family for many generations. He is the protector of my bloodline. 
сб 6 май 2006 18:20
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mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #1 сб 6 май 2006 18:29

good composition, nice tones and good words; regards

Elena HL Elena HL #2 сб 6 май 2006 20:34

Nice presented! Good tones! Very interesting notes!

Виген Ахвердян Виген Ахвердян #3 сб 6 май 2006 20:55

interesting story... good composition!

OSavchin OSavchin #4 сб 6 май 2006 21:01

it's very good tradition to celebrate saint protector day

Геннадий Юршевич Геннадий Юршевич #5 сб 6 май 2006 22:07

Beautiful...very good...

Андрей Зилов Андрей Зилов #6 сб 6 май 2006 22:14

Very good done, thank you for interesting notes!

Anna Ma Anna Ma #8 сб 6 май 2006 23:48

Very intresting work and story.

Roberto Palladini Roberto Palladini #9 вс 7 май 2006 00:26

This photo for meant its is interesting. улыбаюсь

silvia marmori silvia marmori #10 вс 7 май 2006 00:52

a so interesting story, dear Nada.. and a great image, with good definition and tones you presented!
what are those flowers and other ornaments made of?..
kiss and have a great sunday! улыбаюсь

Phil Sanders Phil Sanders #11 вс 7 май 2006 13:05

Now that is interesting because St George's Day in England is April 23rd!! I presume this wonderful photo is of a decorated loaf of bread?

yves ralim yves ralim #12 вс 7 май 2006 14:31

great photo my dear Nada, with very appetizing details!
I hope you have enjoyed a nice St George Day's with a so magnificent cake!
All the best for you and yours my dear friend, and kisses from France

Arvid Klokk Arvid Klokk #13 вс 7 май 2006 20:28

1. Thx for the good story.

2. Good presentasjon, good view, and very good work my friend. Kisses

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #14 вс 7 май 2006 22:19

Oh my Teacher ! Another good photo and a better lesson.
This one on faith and staying on the path, that Christ has set before each and every one of us !
Greetings in our Savior !
Barry смеюсь

Слава Войтенок Слава Войтенок #15 вс 7 май 2006 22:30

Теплые тона дают ощущение мягкости и свежеиспеченности этой... булки. Немного не понятно, Нада - почему название "Слава" что это за булка и причем же здесь история о благородном защитнике вашего семейства?

miguel miguel #16 вс 7 май 2006 22:32

Great idea, lovely use of light, excellent eye catching picture.