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Фото "Nanxun"

фото "Nanxun" метки: пейзаж,
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With a history of 1400 years, Nanxun has a long story to tell about its splendid days of yore. Nanxun was a blooming town in the Southern Song Dynasty and by the reign of Emperor Jiajin of the Ming Dynasty, about a half century ago, it became one of Zhejiang Province's important commercial towns because of the development of the silk industry. Ancient poems refer to the town beautifully descriptive verse: "thousands of households gather here on this water town market, and fishing boats and merchant vessels call at it side by side." and "At the night market, you can buy water bamboo shoots and lotus roots, and in spring ships carry silks and brocades..." 
чт 11 май 2006 18:04
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Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #1 чт 11 май 2006 18:32

The reflection of the arch in the water is very nice. The peace all around is very evident. Good picture.

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #2 чт 11 май 2006 19:49

Thanks for the notes!
Wonderful textures, colours, light and reflections!


Petur Einarsson Petur Einarsson #3 чт 11 май 2006 20:17

Beautiful ...Good work

Алик Литинский Алик Литинский #4 чт 11 май 2006 22:34

Интересно!!! Напоминает Сучжоу!!