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Фото "Moon Catcher"

фото "Moon Catcher" метки: пейзаж, вода, лето
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Moon Catcher
вс 28 янв 2001 10:16
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Николай Обухов Николай Обухов #2 пн 29 янв 2001 01:55

Wonderful! I think its looks like a Japanese style. Very interesting.
ЗдОрово! Напоминает японский стиль, такой лаконичный и утонченный.

Дмитрий Тарасов Дмитрий Тарасов #3 пн 29 янв 2001 02:33

Super! Отличное использование отражения, цвета, иллюзии.
Хорошая картина!
Super! Excellent use of a reflection, colour, illusion. A successful picture!

Mike Baldwin Mike Baldwin #5 ср 7 фев 2001 04:49

A slightly spooky image..loike some giant spider catching its prey. I can see why you took it!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #6 пт 22 фев 2002 04:19

very diverse reactions to this picture
and very few
i take it people do not quite go back to old postings
which is a shame - all those things about fierce competition (a marathon you called it in the forums) could be true people would rather go to recent photos and rate those - prizes at stake there (pic of the d/w/m)

i would say i like this one unconditionally
it is also so different from the bulk of your work
a perfect abstract to make the day of any artist striving to hit the bull`s eye with a few - and the simplest of - lines and shades
the blue - practically opaque - is so very fit
going from left to right the first four and a half centimetres of the picture are like scribbling on coloured paper then everything changes - what he have is 3D wires

i kept wondering about the waves and then i understood - they had to come so as to tear apart the white reflection

this is your great promise

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #7 пт 22 фев 2002 04:23

i saw it yesterday that something was different
not only had you dropped two positions in the general ranking but so many of your pictures had disappeared
i take it then that you removed them from the site and subsequently you dropped
but why did you do that i haven`t even managed to take a close look at all of your photographs let alone write comments on them
what can i do now with the ones i wrote in connection to `Essence` and `Cool Wishes For Hot Days`
maybe i should post them anyway
if no one can see those pictures any more and therefore (should they read what follows) be puzzled you for one will know what i am talking about and that is enough you are the author

`Essence` by Greg Summers

once again i cannot but notice the perfect geometry - not only of the flower but also when it comes to how the petals touch the margins of the picture
an impeccable triangle
it feels as if i should be afraid i could be sucked into the heart of this i see but do not know whether its attitude is friendly or not - it could be the most innocuous plant as well as the vicious queen of the carnivores
the veins are all-inviting

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #8 пт 22 фев 2002 04:26

(commentary on the lost)

`Cool Wishes For Hot Days` by Greg Summers

well i see this not in the summer as those who were into discussing and rating half a year ago as well but -
actually the winter seems to be gone now instead of snow we seem to have switched to rain and it rains and it rains and it seems it will never stop when you hear drop after drop hitting the things in the balcony
but it is still cold - not inside; people who come visiting complain we like heat too much - as it should have been there at that time of the year in spite of all that magnificent sun that i picture somewhere to the right perhaps going down - if long shadows could imply something like that
the shadows are blue which is just how the sky is
so what is in-between is very well balanced
i also find the slopes very expressive - they are so tranquil it is as if the sun has exposed them to get sun-tanned
it could be only a trap - tracks invite one in that direction but will one get back

Dan Swanzen Dan Swanzen #9 ср 3 апр 2002 22:52

Excellent shot!!!

Jette Stroem Jette Stroem #10 пт 7 фев 2003 17:30

beautifuld work, Regard Jette

remi aerts remi aerts #11 пн 27 сен 2004 19:54

nice done!!
very good

strelka strelka #12 сб 19 фев 2005 16:50

beautiful moment

Андрей Ф. Васильев Андрей Ф. Васильев #13 сб 7 ноя 2009 17:31