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Photo "" Celebrating Poetry ""

photo "" Celebrating Poetry "" tags: still life,
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" Celebrating Poetry "
Fernando Pessoa is perhaps the most representative poet of the twentieth century along with Pablo Neruda!
He is unique as an author due to the prevalence of “Heteronyms” in his writing, with few of his poems signed by himself.

Heteronyms: Although the earliest “Heteronyms” of Pessoa were Charles Robert Anon and Alexander Search, (perhaps influences of living in South Africa) the most well known are, Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis and Alvaro de Campos.

Alberto Caeiro

I have no ambitions and no desires.
To be a poet is not my ambition,
It’s my way of being alone.

Ricardo Reis

As long as I feel the full breeze in my hair
And see the sun shining strong on the leaves,
I will not ask for more.
What better thing could destiny give me
Than the sensual passing of life in moments of ignorance like this?

Alvaro de Campos

I’m nothing.
I’ll always be nothing.
I can’t wish to be anything.
Apart from that, I hold inside myself all the dreams of the world.

Fernando Pessoa-himself

The poet is a pretender
Who’s so good at his act
He even pretends to be pain
The pain he feels in fact. 
Wed 21 Mar 2007 18:45
digital camera Nikon D100
lens Nikon 105 F/2.8
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mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #1 Wed 21 Mar 2007 18:52

interesting point of view... excellent notes; regards

Elena Brezhickaya Avesta Elena Brezhickaya Avesta #2 Wed 21 Mar 2007 19:10

Excellent work! Fine verses!

Petur Einarsson Petur Einarsson #3 Wed 21 Mar 2007 22:39

Very good portrait???
I like it.

luquesio melo luquesio melo #5 Thu 22 Mar 2007 00:26

Hi Petur
This is portuguese industrial arts, you know, made by portuguese craftsmen, an homage to the poet Pessoa, and I used a macro lense to make this photo!
Thanks for your comment.
Kind regards.

Nataly Revkina Nataly Revkina #4 Wed 21 Mar 2007 23:07

Very well done! My congratulations!

Jorge Rosa Jorge Rosa #6 Thu 22 Mar 2007 00:59

Bom registo e poemas, a luz e os detalhes estão excelentes, muito bom este trabalho, abraço!

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #7 Thu 22 Mar 2007 01:28

Belo trabalho e reportagem.
Parabens amigo

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #8 Thu 22 Mar 2007 01:55

Excellent, my dear friend! One of our great poet.. and on this day dedicated to poetry I take the liberty to add another poem of Fernando Pessoa, himself:

" Portuguese sea "

O sea of salt, how much of all your salt
Contains the tears of Portugal?
So we might sail, how many mothers wept,
How many sons have prayed in vain!
How many girls betrothed reamined unwed
That we might posses you, Sea!

Was it worth the effort? Anything 's worth it
if the soul's not petty.
If you'd sail beyond the cape
Sail you must past cares, past grief.
God gave perils to the sea and sheer depth,
But mirrored heaven there.

Muito obrigado.
Um abraco

luquesio melo luquesio melo #13 Thu 22 Mar 2007 13:39

Obrigado por ter participado na festa com mais um poema bem bonito do Fernando Pessoa!
Hoje comemora-se tudo, há dias para tudo e embora eu nao seja um incondicional dessas comemorações, a verdade e que as vezes vamos atras delas, mas julgo que isso tambem nao faz mal nenhum!!!
Obrigado pelo comentario e um abraço de amizade.

Conde J Conde J #9 Thu 22 Mar 2007 03:17

Grande homenagem, neste dia tambem dedicado a poesia.


zhenghaoming zhenghaoming #10 Thu 22 Mar 2007 04:20

excellent light

Judith Tomaz- 999 Judith Tomaz- 999 #11 Thu 22 Mar 2007 06:39

Luquesio, PARABENS!!!
Linda Homenagem ao Maior Poeta
de Portugal, e do Mundo!!!


Nadezda Koldysheva Nadezda Koldysheva #12 Thu 22 Mar 2007 13:11

Excellent work!

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #14 Thu 22 Mar 2007 14:46

excellent presentation and notes, congratulations!

yves ralim yves ralim #15 Thu 22 Mar 2007 17:15

So nice and great photo Luquesio! great light and lines, a very original work! and thank you for poems. Any of them gives us something to feel and something to think...