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Фото "'Ghostly'"

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место съемки:
It was one abandoned house on the countryside... Sad and lonely... Upstairs there were two man's black suit in the dark closet... And one baby doll lying forgotten and lonely and so sad... And some little girls diarys and photos, lying on the floor. Downstairs doors did open and close, over and over again by the wind...

And my mind were full of questions. 
ср 18 апр 2007 19:35
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Максим Юлдашев Максим Юлдашев #1 ср 18 апр 2007 20:54

очень с настроением!

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #2 ср 18 апр 2007 21:30

Nice work Petri ! I too enjoy exploring abandoned places or used too and am always filled with questions and trying to figure out the mystery from the clues eft behind !

Robert H Robert H #3 ср 18 апр 2007 23:59

nice coposition, and good naritive.

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #4 чт 19 апр 2007 10:17

chaotic and nice, special work!

Stepanov Dmitry Stepanov Dmitry #5 чт 26 апр 2007 15:53

Это призраки.....натворили!

The ghosts ..... have done!
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