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Photo "Anja a girl I know"

photo "Anja a girl I know" tags: portrait, woman
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Anja a girl I know
Well, there is a little story to this photo. I was asked by this girl to take some photos of her, because she wanted to give her parents some good pictures of her. We started up and she all by the sudden freezed. She became like scared of the camera. So we spend some time trying to "unfreeze" her, then in the end I gave up. And said lets try another day, to which she agreed. But when I was about to close my bag she started to dance around not knowing that I was looking ... With the camera :-) This is what I love about photography , to capture the right moment at the right time. Sorry that the words are not few, but I just wanted to see if any of you Photoforumґers have ever experienced anything like this ? 
Thu 11 Jul 2002 15:58
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Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #1 Thu 11 Jul 2002 16:09

you`re right, Rene! this unprepared moments are most of the times the most beautiful about photography. As a result, here it is one of your excellent photos, as usual!!

Chouroupchic Chouroupchic #2 Thu 11 Jul 2002 16:59

Personally I always experience the same - if a model knows that she is a model, she starts to make a clever face. As a result, the picture looks like a stone monument. So I prefer staying stealth with camera ready wink The drawbacks of such method are that the model looks anywhere except lens on the portrate and it may take a long time before you get a desired shot. However, this shot will be times more natural than studio portrate! Just as you see on your picture!

Aleksandr Ljovin Aleksandr Ljovin #3 Thu 11 Jul 2002 17:15

Good luck be with you next time too

Alex Amelin Alex Amelin #4 Thu 11 Jul 2002 18:23

RENE, I too love to peel naturalness of poses in the maps of the people and animal.
For you the excellent snapshot was received. I congratulate!

Vitor Nunes Vitor Nunes #5 Thu 11 Jul 2002 18:40

It was result in a natural portrait. I think the secret is to gain the individual confidence and manipulate the camera like it does`n exist. Is it hard? Sure but essential!

Teresa Rosa Teresa Rosa #6 Thu 11 Jul 2002 21:00


laguy2 laguy2 #7 Thu 11 Jul 2002 21:31

It all worked out for the best, this is great image. Thanks for sharing the experience, it will be helpful

Alex Kirkovsky Alex Kirkovsky #8 Thu 11 Jul 2002 22:22

Well done, Rene!

Berendey Berendey #9 Fri 12 Jul 2002 00:43

Excellent portrait

Mario Ferreira Mario Ferreira #10 Fri 12 Jul 2002 01:23

well done

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #11 Thu 18 Jul 2002 19:27

This is superb.....
Absolutely natural....
Such a lovely, relaxed expression!!!!!
As answer to your question.....I feel that all the time.....
To get the perfect.....natural shot.....