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Фото "The mood."

фото "The mood." метки: пейзаж, весна, вода
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The mood.
пт 4 окт 2002 17:32
пленочная камера Pentax MZ-5N
объектив Pentax 35-80
постоянная ссылка:
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ricardo igreja ricardo igreja #1 пт 4 окт 2002 17:53

Sorry, but all your photos seem blurry... without details...
Maybe the scanner or old film?? Try to make them smaller (around 600 pixels the bigger side) and you will get more detail...
Hope you accept criticism with an open mind!!
I am not one of those who rates everything excellent to get excelents back... and I appreciate your honest ratings about my photos. They are not excellent and that`s that!!
This one (besides the lack of detail) is pretty good... I like this kind of photos but the mood would be more involving in B&W!!
PS- I tryed to see it in 50% scale the the difference is huge... please try it yourself and see what I mean... the way it is is just too big - and I have a 17`` screen at 1024x768. In a 15" at 800x600, the most common screen and resolution, it just fills the screen with blurred pixels!!!
Furthermore, by diminishing the pixel size, filesize will be smaller, allowing for a better compression...
Sorry for repeating the same comment, but it is hard to under-rate a photo I know could look very good but doesn`t!!
One tip, if the photo does not fit the screen and the user has to scoll it up and down, the mood is lost and the impact decreases... instead of a very good "moody" photo I saw some blurred walls and then (after some scolling) a pond filled with compression flaws - all due to huge size!!!
You got the filesize (almost maximum allowed). See other users photos that look very sharp and have the same filesize but 1/2 of the area!!
This is 900x600... 610x400 is still big, fits the screen and is much more detailed.
Geez.. this was a long comment... let`s say I saw the 50% version only!!

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #2 пт 4 окт 2002 18:34

Excellent composition. My congratulations, Old.

Alex Amelin Alex Amelin #3 пт 4 окт 2002 20:51

Very nice shot !

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #4 пт 4 окт 2002 21:37

The composition is excellent, congrats !

Jahan Jahan #5 сб 5 окт 2002 03:57

Very good photograph...I like it.

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #6 сб 5 окт 2002 05:09

I think that #1 (Ricardo) had some very useful comments.
Still, what you have captured here for me is a `mood` and that is sometimes much more difficult than a technical shot. улыбаюсь )

Юлия Михайлова Юлия Михайлова #7 вс 16 янв 2005 23:38