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Фото "The Slow Farewell"

фото "The Slow Farewell" метки: пейзаж, ночь, облака
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The Slow Farewell
This is the structural/skeletal remains of an old cattle barn that is slowly losing it`s battle with time. Constructed in the early 1930`s it now stands alone on the side of a hill with wild birds for company. :))
There was not one straight angle in this old barn. :) 
ср 9 окт 2002 02:15
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Antonio Paulo Antonio Paulo #1 ср 9 окт 2002 02:20

I like old "buildings" too. Many are not easy to photograph. Sometimes I get around them for a while searching for that perfect angle and can`t find it.

This time, I believe the sky helped you in that andyou`ve opted for a great risky angle. But the result is excellent. Congratulations.

Mark Stuart Mark Stuart #2 ср 9 окт 2002 02:23

Good colors and silhouette.

J. Carlos J. Carlos #4 ср 9 окт 2002 02:50

I like it alot.

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #5 ср 9 окт 2002 03:18

Very good and nice Work. Excellent photograph. My congratulations, Sandra

Виктория Виктория #6 ср 9 окт 2002 03:21

Lovely picture, Sandra!
Beautiful colors of the sky and silhouette!

Pedro Ramalho Pedro Ramalho #7 ср 9 окт 2002 04:11

It`s impressive the impact of the structure against the cloudy sky !!!
As I said before, you have the rare gift to transform with your camera, small things in Great Objects of Art...
Congrats Sandra, for this excellent photo!!!

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #8 ср 9 окт 2002 04:23

Great impact .
The black against the blue do this shot.
Congrats dear,

Vale de Sousa Vale de Sousa #9 ср 9 окт 2002 04:34


Pedro Dinis Pedro Dinis #10 ср 9 окт 2002 04:39

Powerful sky with a great colors Sandra!

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #11 ср 9 окт 2002 05:05


Ольга Б Ольга Б #12 ср 9 окт 2002 08:09

Great impact, вeautiful colors and silhouette!

Jahan Jahan #13 ср 9 окт 2002 08:24

this is fabulous, Sandra!
Like the blue sky and silhouettes with great point of view!

Ben Napper Ben Napper #14 ср 9 окт 2002 08:47


Надежда Квитка Надежда Квитка #15 ср 9 окт 2002 10:19

Sad.. Geometry...
I liked this work..

Андрей Щербаков Андрей Щербаков #16 ср 9 окт 2002 11:49

Excellent picture, Sandra! I like it`s contrast between sky and construction. Congratulations! улыбаюсь