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Фото "Waiting for the Spring."

фото "Waiting for the Spring." метки: пейзаж, осень
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Waiting for the Spring.
The work now is over. I`m resting during the Winter, waiting the next Spring. 
пт 15 ноя 2002 23:56
пленочная камера Nikon F80 / N80
объектив Sigma
сканер HP
постоянная ссылка:
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Victor Camara Victor Camara #1 сб 16 ноя 2002 00:06

Excellent work done. The light and colors are wonderful. Congrats.

Claudia Fernandes Claudia Fernandes #2 сб 16 ноя 2002 00:15


Fausto Araujo Fausto Araujo #3 сб 16 ноя 2002 00:41

Great composition. I enjoy very much your photos of fishing boats. Apart from your composition, which is always good, the boats are small but very nicely built and painted. Looks like they are a source of pride for the fishermen. I noticed that they appear not to have any sail but only paddles. Do they go far out in the sea?

Graca Cavadas Graca Cavadas #4 сб 16 ноя 2002 00:51

Your boats again! улыбаюсь ))
I like it!
The light and colors are very good!
Beautiful sky!
Great composition!

Congratulations my dear Jose!

Susanne Eftevand Susanne Eftevand #5 сб 16 ноя 2002 01:10

Very beautiful shot,with a great light,and eminent composition. Congrats Jose !

Irina Savkina Irina Savkina #6 сб 16 ноя 2002 01:12

beautiful shot!

Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #7 сб 16 ноя 2002 01:19

Wonderful composition, wiith an excellent sky!
Congrat. J Sarmento

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #8 сб 16 ноя 2002 02:01

Excellent composition with very beautiful colors and details !
congrats Jose.

Луиза Луиза #9 сб 16 ноя 2002 03:01

Another beautifull picure with nice colours and a great composition. It`s like a fairy tale.

Lucaz - Luis Costa Lucaz - Luis Costa #10 сб 16 ноя 2002 05:45

Excelent work!
Colors they are prety!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #11 сб 16 ноя 2002 06:43

A very lovely scene with many interesting details to explore. A short story that does not need words. улыбаюсь

~ ~ #12 сб 16 ноя 2002 07:16

Very beautiful colors and details!

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #13 сб 16 ноя 2002 09:56

What beautiful your boats!!!!! I hope, that we shall see you soon, dear Jose!

Порошков Виктор Порошков Виктор #14 сб 16 ноя 2002 11:12

Again beautiful!!!!

Виктория Виктория #15 сб 16 ноя 2002 12:09

Excellent composition and very beautiful light and colors! great picture, Jose!!!!