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Фото "Steam Engine W901 Narrow Gauge"

фото "Steam Engine W901 Narrow Gauge" метки: репортаж,
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Steam Engine W901 Narrow Gauge
W Class Locomotive 901 Making Steam and blowing out tubes at Peterborough in 2001 ,Lighting was very poor because of Clouds,comment and critic welcome,please. 
вт 25 мар 2003 01:15
Kodak CX4210
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Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #1 вт 25 мар 2003 01:54

The steam composition is very nice. As you already know I love the Trains, I think that you too. Your Image is very nice, but I think that with a little more of brighting it would still beter. An excellent photograph. My congratulations, Robin Stirling

Robin Stirling Robin Stirling #3 вт 25 мар 2003 09:54

Thanks Jose,this photo was part of a shoot I did using my old 35mm camera,the lens and apature were fixed and the day was very overcast,I coldn`t lighten the pic further without loosing the black colours in shade, this locomotive is temporarily out of service so I may not be able to get any further captures which is a shame,cheers.

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #2 вт 25 мар 2003 02:14

I`m with Jose!

giu giu #4 вт 25 мар 2003 14:40

I like trains!

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #5 вт 25 мар 2003 21:04

I`m with Jose