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Фото ""Looking for a better shot...""

фото ""Looking for a better shot..."" метки: портрет, черно-белые, стрит-фото,
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"Looking for a better shot..."
место съемки:
чт 18 апр 2013 20:18
постоянная ссылка:
комментарии (15 из 23)
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Stefan Andronache Stefan Andronache #1 чт 18 апр 2013 23:06

Great capture. My congratulations! аплодирую

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #2 чт 18 апр 2013 23:36

Who said photography is easy ... Wonderful capture улыбаюсь

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #10 пт 19 апр 2013 04:55

You are right, my dear Friend!!! Is not so easy, to be a Photographer злой
A big hug

Татьяна Рудовская Татьяна Рудовская #3 чт 18 апр 2013 23:41

That's a real photographer! смеюсь

Cris Cris #4 пт 19 апр 2013 00:25

Great capture Jose!

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #8 пт 19 апр 2013 04:51

Thank you so much, my dear Friend!!!

Tigra Tigra #5 пт 19 апр 2013 01:53

Наверное, это птица! Орел.
Отличный момент, Хосе! смеюсь
Что это было? Демонстрация протеста? удивляюсь

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #7 пт 19 апр 2013 04:50

Yes, my dear!!! This was a protest against the "Troika"!!
IMF, EB and EEC!!!! They are putting us, the Portuguese people, in poverty!!! They want that our government make cuts on salaries, on Health, on Education, on Social Security.... etc. etc. etc.
That's the violence of the capitalism, under the orders of miss Angela Merkl!!!!
Well, my dear Friend, it's what we have here in Portugal, in Greece, in Spain, in Italy, in France.... THE BIG CRISIS!!!! And England is right.... they prefer to be out of this "WONDERFUL DREAM, CALLED EEC"!!!!
And that´s all, Jollyn!!! It's a very sad story!!!!!
A big hug to you, my dear, цветок цветок

Tigra Tigra #11 пт 19 апр 2013 06:59

Yes, you are right!
The prime minister of Britain plays the hypocrite, he too conducts antinational policy. He does rich more richly, and poor people is poorer. He breaks the international families, he made discrimination laws for citizens not of EU. It everything is awful because we are compelled to suffer now. Our family has big problems now thanks to this awful person. He thinks only of the rich. But he raises taxes for the poor. He is the disgusting person.
He continues policy M.Thatcher. He accepts (welcome!) to the country of the rich thieves. He is indifferent to British people too, if they not the rich.
He suggests to leave the country to poor citizens who were born here. It is disgusting!

Любовь Селиванова Любовь Селиванова #6 пт 19 апр 2013 03:20

Да.. как я его понимаю! смеюсь

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #9 пт 19 апр 2013 04:53

And so do I, my dear Luba!!!
Thaks a lot!!!
A big hug from Lisbon цветок

MichaelaD MichaelaD #12 пт 19 апр 2013 08:03

A photo with a strong visual impact on the viewer, cheerful and warm! улыбаюсь

Николай Белавин Николай Белавин #13 пт 19 апр 2013 09:15

Забавный момент... улыбаюсь

Сергей Литвинов Сергей Литвинов #14 пт 19 апр 2013 09:28

Отличный момент и отличная работа...

Марк Гузик Марк Гузик #15 пт 19 апр 2013 13:19

Excellent shot!