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bulk comment/rating

Tom Vordok Tom Vordok Thu 23 Jan 2003 05:02

#1 bulk comment/rating closed


Is it possible to automate somehow commenting and rating new photos? As otherwise I can't understand how Louis could:

-- comment and rate every new picture with exactly the same rating/comment including excellent rating of this photo:

Just don't see a reason why someone would use exactly the same comment and marks for every photo - what's the purpose? If it's geniune impressions than what's their value if they are the same for someone's outstanding photo and a badly scanned travel card photograph.

Don Jette Don Jette reply on #1 from Tom Vordok Thu 23 Jan 2003 08:54

#2 Re: bulk comment/rating closed

It is not possible to bulk comment on photographs, other than a copy and paste technique. Sometimes not often I have little time to comment individually on each photograph so I would go through any that really catch my eye first and use this same technique, you still have to click on the radio boxes for the numerical rating.
There has also been an occassion where using this "technique' where I have clicked on an other wise undesirable photograph and done exactly the same thing,
Hey we are all human and make mistakes, the point is I have tremendous respect
for Mr. Costa because he does take the time to make comments to many photographs that sometimes would go unoticed by others, I know for a fact that he does also do individualized comments as well. Though not the greatest photograph I have ever seen, it is not the worst either, hey maybe it was some teen or childs first attempt at a photgraph..who knows? Would it hurt to make someone feel good accidently? Who knows the comment may encourage this individual to shoot more and become better. I can tell you some of my first photographs were absolutely horrible (looking back at them) but I wanted to be better. Still Mr. Costa takes many hours of his day to make his comments and ratings and I look forward to seeing his name under one of my photographs.

Tom Vordok Tom Vordok reply on #1 from Tom Vordok Thu 23 Jan 2003 14:55

#3 Re: bulk comment/rating closed


Thanks for your reply. I see your point and I do respect Mr Costa as a photographer.

However, my point is that in order to make better photographs an honest opinion is so much useful than a comment "that's great" and excellent marks. When I see a positive comment by one of the photographers I have respect for it is enjoyable, however, if the photographer marks virtually every photo the same, in my opinion, it just means that those photos don't really "reach" him.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

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