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What about exhibition in Photoforum ?

Timo Laaksonen Timo Laaksonen Fri 18 Feb 2005 00:11

#1 What about exhibition in Photoforum ? closed

What about phossibility to make an exhibion into Photoforum ?

Posting and 'pressing singular photos under rating' is fun but when it get more serious and You want make an story or consinstency of serveral photos.

Its not phossible in here and it is wery hard to make this kind of exhibition and link pictures together. No linking isn't that hard part but rating is.
When You're rating them as a one piece of work as they should.
Narrativity of that serie is hard to catch, when You cant post thos pictures in one time, in a same column.

Is this imphossible to make, taking too much line capacity or hasn't it been succesed before ?

Even once in a month or two per user, maximum 12-15 photos ?
You really need to make consinstet work to build an exhibition.
Of course they needed to be connected each other and name and story cant be like.. m.

Can You test it with members and exhibitions only for rating to 1-10 scale ?

You rate all pictures as one as You can now, but in the end You can rate whole exhibition in 2-3 scales and ofcouse the totality is that what gives more weight for integral rating.

Narrativity or Story 1-10
Connection/Link 1-10
Act 1-10 (or is this right word to when You are forced to see next picture and You really like that exhibition as a one piece of work)

This was just an succestion for developing this great photosite.

updated: 04:41