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for all members!

Luis Oliveira Mendes Luis Oliveira Mendes mon 7 Nov 2005 20:52

#1 for all members! closed

Hi, all photoforum photographers.
Mi name is Luis Oliveira Mendes, and i am a photoforum member just like you.

I have read many discussions at the forums,about people that have made revenges, and taked too serious the critics.
I think I could help us all,
Right now i just need help distributing this link:
to many users has we can... i think if we all know that we are friends and want to improve our photose day by day ,then this could be the solution, because if the name is on the list then we know that is only a critic friend talking about our shots at the photoforum...

The Blog was created, for all photographers and friends from Photoforum,
that are tired of soft critics, comments and pluses.
This was created to give the chance to all of us, to learn more,and upgrade our knowledges. After all we are all photographers, and i think we all want to learn more. If we have good photos, we should have good comments, if it is not so good, the we all should have one open mind to good construtive critics.

So please, join the list and lets all help Nick to have a better

Please see the blog and be part of that list, for a better

My best regards, and many thanks...

P.S. Help me sending this comment to other possible interested users.

i hope this help Nick...
best regards for all of you

Luis Oliveira Mendes Luis Oliveira Mendes reply on #1 from Luis Oliveira Mendes mon 7 Nov 2005 20:56

#2 Re: for all members! closed

i have test the link, and he is not going to were it should be, so is better to make a copy past with the link and insert it on the http adress....
sorry and thanks

julia gilbaum julia gilbaum reply on #2 from Luis Oliveira Mendes mon 7 Nov 2005 23:32

#3 Re: for all members! closed

Luis, may be my English is too bad but I have try see this link- and I did not understend NADA- What it will be? Please?!!!

Chig Chig reply on #3 from julia gilbaum Tue 8 Nov 2005 00:08

#4 Re: for all members! closed

The link must be typed into the browser.

It is a brilliant idea Luis. I am thinking about it. I do not dislike anything about the forum as it is now. I especially think the people here are great. I use the numbers, and the photos themselves more than the comments to teach me. I think you have however, offered those interested a way to feel comfortable with each other. And that is a great idea.

Luis Oliveira Mendes Luis Oliveira Mendes reply on #4 from Chig Tue 8 Nov 2005 03:00

#5 Re: for all members! closed

No problem if you didn´t understand,
i will try to explain it in a simple way....
The main objective is, that if people give the name to the list, it means
that we want to
recieve good comments when we have a good shot at photoforum, but yet, if
the photo is not so good,
we don ´t feel ofended from the true construtive critics from other
i made this, because many people has already revenge from ohter
photographers, beacause they not gived the
best pontuation in the pluses. ( what i think is a stupid thing to do,
because we all, want to learn more about photography,
and a true critic is the better way to help each other ).

I hope you, understand now...
I don´t want to make a revolution on photoforum but , alow people to know
that are some photographers
that have the name on the list that want to recieve true sincere comments at
the photoforum critics and pluses...
and thats all....

see u later...

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