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Adjustment to solve OSRS HiScores not working...

carol caroes carol caroes Thu 23 Apr 2020 11:13

#1 Adjustment to solve OSRS HiScores not working issue

Recently, some players found OSRS HiScores page failed to update or even open.Now the Old School team made a small adjustment to solve this issues. runescape gold

OSRS HiScores not working issue

According to the lastest official news post, the Old School RuneScape HiScores have been under immense load, which is causing issues like HiScores failing to update or even open, and extremely long page loading times. This has only been an issue since the introduction of the Boss HiScores.

Adjustment to solve OSRS HiScores issue

The develop team made a small adjustment to fix the issue.Previously, when a player who had killcounts but hadn't played since the introduction of Boss HiScores logged out, the system would perform lots of calculations to figure out where they belonged on the HiScore table. From now on, players who fail to reach a minimum killcount value will not be listed on the HiScores, which means that fewer comparisons will be made. This has the dual effect of making HiScores more competitive than ever!
This change should solve the loading issues, although the team will be monitoring the situation and making further changes as necessary.

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