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Фото "Zuma Bay Sunise"

фото "Zuma Bay Sunise" метки: пейзаж, закат
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Zuma Bay Sunise
Rollei 6008 Integral with Schneider 80mm lens. Fuji Velvia. 
чт 27 дек 2001 00:31
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A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA #1 чт 27 дек 2001 10:07

beautiful !!!

Temabina Temabina #2 пт 28 дек 2001 04:26

Very beautiful sky! They look like a water... but that black is too black and heavy... I think...

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #3 ср 13 фев 2002 05:23

great dark shore
the curve is truly awesome – perfect viewpoint

i would like even the houses in the lower left-hand corner of the picture to disappear (computer-assisted drawing programmes can easily do that) so that only the one in the centre remains – although i do not like that very much either (usually what i suggest is the simple solutions – experience shows that most people are too busy and impatient to be able to cope with elaborate work that is to say if you are among the gifted and keen go for this building as well - and do not forget the tree or the other things that spoil the shoreline)

the black seems to turn to very dark green in the distance just under the sky – and the sun
and that is where the contrast appears to soften a bit – but it only takes a second to realize that that is a trick the trick of the light the trick of the vanishing sun

i look at the picture with most of the sky got rid of – the cropping line running just under the darker horizontal shade beneath the white light – and the picture - though altogether different now (so this is not really a suggestion it is just sharing the view of another shot) – is a mystifying image of a time gone by
light on the surface of the water and a bit – as if frail gentle rays – hovering above it
descending from the seventh sky of harmony and love (= that universal feeling only experienced by few these days that would make all creatures come together and set layer after layer of peace)