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Фото "Autumn Colors 2"

фото "Autumn Colors 2" метки: природа, путешествия, Северная Америка, цветы
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Peter Wallack Peter Wallack #1 вс 30 дек 2001 03:05

I like where you have put me here.

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #2 вс 30 дек 2001 05:08

Wonderful image and great composotion - again that rich colors make it to a Beauty - Great shot, Adel!

Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #3 вс 30 дек 2001 05:16

This warm and colorful shot makes me wish I were there instead of in snowy, cold Ontario right now.
Good work!


Greg Summers Greg Summers #4 вс 30 дек 2001 05:55

The scan is a little rough but the image is so smooth and the composition is so inviting

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #5 вс 30 дек 2001 12:14

Great landscape good use of wide angle.

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #6 вс 30 дек 2001 21:48

What a magnificent shot, Adel.

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #7 пн 31 дек 2001 05:30

Absolutely gorgeous! Splendid work! WOW!

peter o neill peter o neill #8 чт 3 янв 2002 05:24

The angle to me is what makes this image special. Nice work.

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #9 чт 24 янв 2002 04:38

this is by far the one
a very well balanced composition almost a classical one we could say
the house is in the right spot the intersection of the three main lines – the green field the top of the trees and the reddish-brown slope
and the lower three clouds from the house to the right are like puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney
the other clouds are also smoke
they started upwards but now the wind has changed direction...

ps perhaps too much red

Mavis Mavis #10 ср 2 окт 2002 06:23

This is an amazing scene . Good use of wide angle and polarizer.
Lovely colours and the composition is superb