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Фото "Laced 2"

фото "Laced 2" метки: натюрморт, фотомонтаж,
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Greg Summers Greg Summers #1 вс 30 дек 2001 05:02

beautiful painting

Joseph Polevoi Joseph Polevoi #2 вс 30 дек 2001 05:23

Very nice artistic use of some added techniques above and beyond the original photo. I enjoy seeing how more and more photographers are venturing into new areas of applying their imaginations with computer enhancements.

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #3 вс 30 дек 2001 05:25

What an exceptional style - Wonderful and very special composition - Great work, Babette!

Aunjerli Aunjerli #4 вс 30 дек 2001 06:04

This is where you must aim, turn a frame that was redundant into a piece of magic. Which you have almost succeeded in doing. It to me is only a fractional composition break up, natural in graphics but ablre to be cloned which can give the frame fuller power. Good girl

Babette Babette #5 вс 30 дек 2001 07:48

Not redundant photo, Christopher. Manipulation wasn`t used to cover any faults, only to add some style and to see what can be done to make simple things look different.

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #6 вс 30 дек 2001 12:39

Great work!!

Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #7 вс 30 дек 2001 20:56

Nice and appealing artwork, Sandra!

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #8 вс 30 дек 2001 21:41

Personalised top work of art, Babette.

Adel Mansour Adel Mansour #9 пн 31 дек 2001 01:08

The colors of this image are superb Babette.