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Фото "Intimate landscape (22) Estaing"

фото "Intimate landscape (22) Estaing" метки: путешествия, архитектура, пейзаж, Европа
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Intimate landscape (22) Estaing
This village is situated in the department of "Aveyron" in the south of France. Some hidden details tell us that we are not in the middle ages...

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чт 3 фев 2005 19:06
постоянная ссылка:
комментарии (15 из 25)
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mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #1 чт 3 фев 2005 19:10

excellent lighting - very good, congrat

miguel miguel #2 чт 3 фев 2005 19:23

Landcsape at finest. Your classic skill quite present here!

Remi Aerts Remi Aerts #4 чт 3 фев 2005 19:32

fine lights!
good composed!

Александр Власенков Александр Власенков #5 чт 3 фев 2005 20:21

The Beautiful panorama! The Good prospect!

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #6 чт 3 фев 2005 20:27

Wondeful view with nice light.

Алексей Кузин Алексей Кузин #7 чт 3 фев 2005 20:51

The beautiful kind, is very interestingly covered the central object.

Madzia Madzia #8 чт 3 фев 2005 21:15

Lovely,excellent composition улыбаюсь

Андрей Гринев Андрей Гринев #9 чт 3 фев 2005 23:19

Great view!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #10 пт 4 фев 2005 00:05

Wonderful view and place, regards!

Vale de Sousa Vale de Sousa #12 пт 4 фев 2005 04:22

very beautiful picture, my friend

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #13 пт 4 фев 2005 15:35

Those detail are hidden so good that there is compete impression of middle ages )))

Thierry Vallet Thierry Vallet #16 пт 4 фев 2005 21:06

On the web photo, yes! But on the print, you can see two or three electric pits that I have just forgot to saw!

silvia marmori silvia marmori #14 пт 4 фев 2005 16:43

a wonderful image!!.. i like a lot that great shinny sunlight, as much as the shadowy surroundings... and i will not see those hidden details, as you suggest....it is so easy and nice to imagine oneself at those times with this picture...

Thierry Vallet Thierry Vallet #17 пт 4 фев 2005 21:16

In this village, they made a big effort to mask the traces of modernity. No antennas, no packets of electric wires and so on...My work was easy here, but sometimes, it is just impossible to make a photo because of the visual pollution!

Мария Котова Мария Котова #15 пт 4 фев 2005 18:59

Splendid veiw! Amazing picture!
Best regards and wishes!