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Фото "Intimate landscape (24) Brehemont"

фото "Intimate landscape (24) Brehemont" метки: путешествия, архитектура, пейзаж, Европа
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Intimate landscape (24) Brehemont
This village is situated in the center of France near of the Loire river. In the past centuries, there was an important fluvial traffic on these embankments. Now, they are deserted...

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чт 10 фев 2005 21:17
постоянная ссылка:
комментарии (11 из 11)
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Petur Einarsson Petur Einarsson #1 чт 10 фев 2005 21:41

Very good work.

Илья Кокорев Илья Кокорев #2 чт 10 фев 2005 22:01

Very good composition!
Nice work!

Мария Котова Мария Котова #3 чт 10 фев 2005 22:08

Excellent work! Very beautiful composed!

miguel miguel #4 чт 10 фев 2005 22:28

Clever composition!

Craig Hansen Craig Hansen #5 пт 11 фев 2005 01:58

Vertical panoramas are quite unusual! The ones I have seen have been mostly of tall buildings, but I really yours!

Excuse me for being picky, but there does seem to be a dark blue smudge (fingerprint?) on the very top center of the photo.

Thierry Vallet Thierry Vallet #6 пт 11 фев 2005 11:07

Firstly, Craig, I have thank you for your visit on my photo! Verticals are really my dish of tea! They are difficult. Difficult to make, difficult to see, difficult to hang in an exhibition.

I think that new paths are also difficult to find in the art of photography and I am sure that the vertical panorama is one of them and it is really very interresting to explore this way.

In addition, as horizontal panoramas are often natural for the eye, vertical are not. When I am in front of a scene, I always wonder : "what`s on for a vertical?", as a discipline, you see?

As you are living in Japan, I`m sure that your eye is different because the vertical reading is a part of the oriental visual culture and as you are also a musician, you are sensitive for the harmonic sense of the writing.

To end this little theory, I must say that you really have an eye from the last generation, because I had not seen this blue spot on the middle top of my photo. Fortunately, my transparency is unspotted!

Василий Калинкин Василий Калинкин #7 пт 11 фев 2005 20:54

Beautiful tones! Excellent capture.
Best regards.

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #8 сб 12 фев 2005 03:21

Another wonderful work!
Great perspective!!!!
Well seen!
Warm regards!

Frip Nown Frip Nown #9 вт 15 фев 2005 18:33

C`est une image tres belles. La composition est originelle, une cadre mince se montre tres interessant, mais je croix que l`eglise doit etre en peu plus bas. Pour moi, un variant ideale - ce quand la proportion de la separations est 1:2 (La terre doit occuper 33 percent et le ciel - 67).

Thierry Vallet Thierry Vallet #10 ср 16 фев 2005 09:50

Hello Frip! Very kind to you to write in french. Merci beaucoup! I believe that the rules are made to be...transgressed! Your proportions are ideal for an interresting sky with beautiful clouds for example. With this very blue and empty sky, I have preferred to show more of the earth! But in theory, you are right!

Viaceslav Viaceslav #11 чт 17 фев 2005 19:56

Very nice!!!