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Photo "In To The Mystery"

photo "In To The Mystery" tags: landscape, sunset, water
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In To The Mystery
Sun 6 Jan 2002 18:01
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Aparin Anton Aparin Anton #1 Sun 6 Jan 2002 18:11

very impressive photo!

Alexei Kozlov Alexei Kozlov #2 Sun 6 Jan 2002 18:31

It is a thousand pities that you are leaving. Hope you will be back. Best regards.

Vad Ivanov Vad Ivanov #3 Sun 6 Jan 2002 18:36

Greg, outstanding work have you left us on parting!

Vladimir Gurov Vladimir Gurov #4 Sun 6 Jan 2002 19:01

Great shot!

Peter Wallack Peter Wallack #5 Sun 6 Jan 2002 19:12


What an outanding sign off Greg. I love you and miss you already but you know your hardly rid of me and will hear from me as I will hear from you often. You have been a class act and no one will fill your shows and I am not talking about ranking here. Thank goodness your in the USA where a two hour call does not cost much. Be speaking to!


Nadezhda Kvitka Nadezhda Kvitka #6 Sun 6 Jan 2002 19:43

Very beautifully..
So it is foggy..
So it is mysterious...
Miracle as well...
Quietly also it is harmonic...

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #7 Sun 6 Jan 2002 20:24

When I saw "Au Revoir" in the image`s title, my heart literally skipped a beat, I think, as I thought it might be a `farewell` to the site. Oh, Greg, must you really go?... I understand very well what you mean by `going back to the roots` and refocusing, but...but... revelations and moments of enlightenment occur in the most unexpected of places, and when they`re least anticipated. And PF is certainly full of surprises and lasting discoveries. But, I hear you. You`ve got to do what you`ve got to do smile Besides, you did call it `taking a break`, so why am I making all the fuss? smile Yearning to experience peace and freedom, as you put it -- what could be better! Much luck to you in your journeys, and stay in touch. No doubt you`ll be missed, after all, you`re one of few who has always understood that with me, `spirited`, doesn`t imply `mean-spirited` smile ) And don`t you dare take your heavenly photos off the site! And -- when you get around to publishing an album of your magnificent works, save a copy for me, would you? Hopefully -- see you again. Yet, `fare thee well, and if forever, still forever fare thee well.`
Oh, and the image above - it rocks! And I`m not cutting you any slack b/c of your heartfelt `goodbye` words, either. The photo is full of hope and promise in a place and for a person that have been through a lot but still have plenty of good times to live through. All the best, Greg!

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #8 Sun 6 Jan 2002 20:32

Your finale is as to be expected-SENSATIONAL! Your photographs have been instructional ( "How to") and inspirational ("Why to") all at the same time. Needless to say I don`t like your decision but I certainly understand it. May your continued sucess be forever!

PINXIT PINXIT #9 Sun 6 Jan 2002 21:18


Borisych Borisych #10 Sun 6 Jan 2002 21:30

Super! SHQ-Shot! Congratulations!

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #11 Sun 6 Jan 2002 21:51

Greg, your impact, genius and sensitivity are unforgettable and will always, wherever your shots are seen, be a source of true art enlightening and enjoyment. I have learned a lot of meaning and inspiration from you and will always do, because I`ll follow your work and be in contact with all the net sites that you post to. Its not a departure but a continuous relationship of respect and awe....Wahid

Yury Tyapin Yury Tyapin #12 Sun 6 Jan 2002 22:43

Wonderful farewell work!!! Greg, it is always sad to say this words of parting. Do come back as possible soon!

Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #13 Sun 6 Jan 2002 23:03

Your photography was state of the art, Greg, and a reason to be
part of this forum. Your stunning perfection in your shots really turns
me on and gives me back my ambition in reaching out for more.
I will terribly miss you here, but I understand and accept your decision!
I really hope however to see you oneday back again!
Goodbye... and all my best wishes for you!

Oleg Voloshin Oleg Voloshin #14 Sun 6 Jan 2002 23:17

No words... Wonderfull!!!

Peter Schwarz Peter Schwarz #15 Sun 6 Jan 2002 23:36

We will miss you and your exceptional and wonderful photos. For me and many others you are the best. Good luck to you, Greg! Thank you for what you learn to me.