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Фото "And at sunset they dance...."

фото "And at sunset they dance...." метки: пейзаж, закат, зима
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And at sunset they dance....
Fredrikstad, Norway. 
пн 7 янв 2002 00:25
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Борисыч Борисыч #1 пн 7 янв 2002 01:08

Super Shot! Congratulations!

Борис Клаптюк Борис Клаптюк #2 пн 7 янв 2002 01:24

Очень !

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #3 пн 7 янв 2002 01:33

The frozen mood permeating the photo is lovely. Yet, the image seems to fall at least a couple of notches below your other work. It has a few noticeable technical glitches as well as compositional complications. IMO. The blur in upper left is a distraction, and the water droplets appear as noise or specks on the sky area; the lower right is grainy; the splash itself doesn`t have the ringing clarity that would be desired here. Compositionally, the splashes are way too far on the left; the crop of a building in upper lerf is a bit awkward, and so is the inclusion of the foreground leaves in lower left. I do enjoy the expressive potential of the photo and the tonal range. But I see quite some room for improvement. Sorry to be in dissonance with the opinion of other viewers, and hope you don`t mind hearing my impressions on the image.

Katrin Andreyeff Katrin Andreyeff #4 пн 7 янв 2002 03:36

You caught a rare moment!

Linda Yee Linda Yee #5 пн 7 янв 2002 05:24

This is a beautiful and unusual photo, Trine. Your composition with the geysers (?) on the right in the foreground plus the converging mountains and reflections in the background make my eyes move over the entire photo to drink in all of nature`s beauty. The colors and textures are wonderful as well.

Trine Sirnes Trine Sirnes #6 пн 7 янв 2002 11:20

Thank you so much for your comments and votes, all of you. Alenka, thanks for your well thought of comment. I don`t say I agree, but I do appreciate it. The "blur" in upper left is ice on the water causing this, and not blur. The splash on the right is within the rule of thirds, and is as sharp as you get it in the semi-darks. The foreground is pebbles/little stones on the beach. I can agree on the drops on the sky, but I was going for a natural touch, showing how it was. I might clone them out in the future.
As I said, I don`t mind you critizicing my photo, and I hope you don`t mind me "challenging it" a bit.


P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #7 пн 7 янв 2002 23:31

Great composition - excellent timing - Wonderful image!

Knut Fredrik Thorne Knut Fredrik Thorne #8 вт 8 янв 2002 00:55

Another great photo

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #9 ср 9 янв 2002 07:03

perhaps better than the first
better by far
(just to contradict evrybody else sharing different opinions)
(or not)

Светлана Светлана #10 пт 19 апр 2002 21:10

Very interesting splash!

alvesari alvesari #11 пт 30 авг 2002 18:58

Very good capture.